Review of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ: A Classy Design and Even More Classy Sound

According to the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ, the company finds it harder to set itself apart from the competition when there isn’t a chance to go all out in terms of design. And when it comes to high-end true wireless earbuds, there is a lot of competition.

The business has buckled down and focused on creating a product like the EQ true wireless earbuds. The result is a diverting alternative to traditional market leaders. The EQ is designed to compete, built to withstand an explosion, and voiced to sound honest, frank, and decidedly “grown-up.” Here is a quick Beoplay EQ review.

Beoplay EQ Price

You can purchase the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ active noise-canceling wireless earphones for a reasonable $399. There is fierce rivalry in this market for products at all price points, but the competition is particularly fierce at this level.

Design of These Wireless Earbuds

The Beoplay EQ looks slimline yet is large. The earphones’ small size belies their low weight, and their design should make them effective at keeping outside noises out of your mind.

Although they aren’t nearly as snug as some other earbuds, the fit isn’t too loose. The earbuds are secure enough without applying too much pressure, but we think the seal could be better. Comfort seems to be the main priority.

The charging case made of aluminum has the same appealing appearance and pleasant feel. Another instance of Bang & Olufsen’s use of high-end materials that pay off tactilely is its rubber-coated underbelly, which serves as a platform for wireless charging. The case is tiny and has an LED indicator on the front that changes color to indicate its condition, making it simple to tuck into a pocket.

Beoplay EX vs EQ

The sound driver on EX is 9.2 mm in diameter, which is larger than that on EQ (6.8 mm) and much larger than that on E8 (5.7 mm). A larger driver not only produces more power but also produces higher-quality sound.

Bang and Olufsen Earbuds Review

We never had to worry about these “buds” becoming harmed by sand, dust, or lint or getting spoiled in the rain, thanks to their IP54 protection against water and dust.

The Beoplay EQ is one of the best-sounding good wireless earphone pairs available regarding sound quality, mainly while listening to music. Given the price, you would anticipate that they would sound excellent.

Using the supplied Comply foam tips enhances the secure fit. These are our favorite pieces of advice, and they go well with all “buds.” A flawless fit is guaranteed as the soft memory foam stretches to take up the space at ear canal entry. Four silicone alternatives exist, including ultra-small for people with tiny ear canals.

The Beoplay EQ has a reserved tone consistent with how well the earbuds perform in other aspects, but they are a little too quiet at normal volumes. Six microphones power the ANC and support calls using beam-forming technology to ensure your voice is clear. In our tests, we discovered that they could handle both video and regular audio calls.

Final Thoughts

This is not to say that the Beoplay EQ isn’t nice to listen to; they are a nice set of earbuds with a luxurious, evocative sound. Although many people will like its lavish look, the Beoplay EQ doesn’t quite offer enough performance or value for the price. Almost perfectly tuned, the sound is ready to deliver a booming or calming listen, depending on your mood and musical preferences.

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Review of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ: A Classy Design and Even More Classy SoundReview of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Eq: A Classy Design and Even More Classy Sound