Our Missing Hearts: The Highly Anticipated Book of the Year

Our Missing Hearts is the latest novel by Little Fired Everywhere famed author Celeste Ng. The plot of this novel takes place in some retro-type dystopia, a nightmare of a Cold War Kid. This is a world where people spend most of their time worrying about threats to the American way of life due to un-American values.

More About the Book

Our Missing Hearts: a novel takes a unique approach to describe events and incidents of a dystopian society. The story starts with the story of Bird Gardner, a 12-year-old kid. Bird lives with his father, a loving but broken soul, in quiet existence. His father used to be a linguist but now takes care of bookshelves in a university library.

Bird has been taught not to stray too far or ask too many questions. The so-called laws of American Culture have controlled their lives for a decade during the violence and economic stability. The authority takes necessary steps to relocate the children of the dissidents to maintain peace and prosperity. On the other hand, the unpatriotic books are also removed from the libraries, which include works of Margaret, Bird’s mother, a Chinese American poet who left them when Bird was 9 years old.

It is known from Our Missing Hearts review that Bird is unbeknownst to his mother or her works at all. Then he receives a mysterious letter with a cryptic drawing which ultimately promoted him to look for her mother. He then embarks on a journey that takes him back to several folklore poured into his head by her mother during his childhood. His journey takes him through the ranks of an underground network of librarians and the lives of those children who have been taken by the authority to maintain order. At least he reaches New York City, where an act of defiance is a much-needed aspect.

Our Missing Hearts writer’s writing involves unsentimental, lucid, and tender parenthood. Her thought explores the possibility of implementing peaceful and thought-provoking measures, which would undoubtedly be cost-effective and far-reaching in the long run. The characters in this novel have been perfectly built and depicted well.

The Bottom Line

Celeste NG, the writer of this novel, depicts a fantastic story based on a dystopian society. This novel is nothing but an old story made new. The searing injustice is an inseparable part of the story of this book. This novel talks about the powers and limitations of art for bringing necessary changes. On top of that, it also discusses legacies and lessons that we should pass on to children. Not to mention, upon reading this novel, you will get to know how you can survive in a broken dystopian world with your hearts intact.


If you like to read a thought-provoking political dystopian story, then you must decide to grab Our Missing Hearts. The writer of this novel put a fantastic effort into structuring the story and plot with careful consideration. This was one of the most anticipated books of the years and lived up to its expectation.

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Our Missing Hearts: The Highly Anticipated Book of the YearOur Missing Hearts: The Highly Anticipated Book of the Year