Halloween Ends: Explore Whether or Not This Latest Horror Movie Is Worth a Watch

Halloween Ends is the latest released Hollywood movie, directed by David Gordon. This movie is the sequel to its previous part Halloween Kills, released four years ago. In the original Halloween movie, the trope of the killer rising from his death started. Similarly, Halloween Ends also comes with a similar narrative curveball. The director of this movie has focused on the basics. He tried to show whether or not evil, along with its effects, can be overcome in its larger implications.

More on Halloween Ends

The earlier movies of this franchise showed how trauma affects a family and its community, whereas Halloween Ends exhibits how this trauma can mutate and then go from destructive cycles. Since the Halloween Ends trailer, fans have awaited this movie because they have watched its last parts.


The Halloween Ends cast has been good. This movie has Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode), James Jude Courtney (The Shape), Andi Matichak (Allyson), Will Patton (Deputy Frank Hawkins), Rohan Campbell (Cory Cunningham), and Kyle Richards (Lindsey Wallace). The strong introduction from the character Cory Cunningham sets the stage for this movie. The other actors also played their roles quite well.

The Off-Putting Aspects

The Halloween Ends release date was 14th October 2022. This movie was not quite up to the mark, as fans worldwide expected. Some negative aspects of this horror flick were sexist writing, victim shaming, bad dialogue, a mini-story arc, etc. Halloween Ends 2022 comes with sub-par materials that made it quite disappointing for the viewers.

The Plot and Story

The movie starts with the character Cory Cunningham, acted by Rohan Campbell, killing a body accidentally that he was babysitting on Halloween night when a prank went wrong. After three years, Corey was eventually acquitted of that boy’s death, but life in Haddonfield was not easy for him. Then the story propagates involving the other characters of the movie. Corey’s presence in the movie was quite enigmatic and confusing. Including several characters in the movie was exciting, but it was a misguided choice. Corey lacks charisma and chemistry with Allyson. Most of the Halloween Ends review talks about this misguided casting choice.

On the other hand, the movie’s run time was 111 minutes, which was a little long considering its horror genre. The slow pace of the movie is another reason why it is to make the viewers bored. The fans were quite excited ever since the Halloween Ends release date was announced, but after watching it, they were disappointed with the experience. It was obvious that the Halloween Ends initial release would get movie lovers excited about the movie because Halloween was approaching. But the movie lacks the content to leave a dent.


Halloween Ends includes the rematch trilogy of Myers/Strode with an ambitious approach. The plot was confusing, and the cast did not have the chemistry and matching among them. The exploration of David Gordon Green for evil and trauma expanded, but it was not enough to get the viewers hooked to their seats. It needed more content, materials, and effort from the cast. So this movie is okay for a single-time watch, but you should not expect something extraordinary.

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Halloween Ends: Explore Whether or Not This Latest Horror Movie Is Worth a WatchHalloween Ends: Explore Whether or Not This Latest Horror Movie Is Worth a Watch