Meta Quest Pro: Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing It

The market is flooded with so many headsets that you are to get perplexed while choosing a good headset option. But if you go for Meta Quest Pro, you will undoubtedly benefit from it. This is nothing but a fantastic mixed-reality headset that comes with plenty of features and specifications.

Meta Quest Pro: Price and Availability

Despite being an ultimate device, Meta Quest Pro is not quite the VR headset you want. As far as Meta Quest Pro price is concerned, you must pay $1500 to pre-order this product. The high price could be a negative aspect of this product, but compared to other premium headsets, it does not seem expensive.


There have been a few design changes to Meta Quest Pro compared to Oculus Quest 2. Apart from its all-black exterior, it comes with a strap that is properly equipped with extra padding to make it more comfortable for the users. While you are wearing it, you get secure and comfortable fitting.

The said strap also houses the battery of the device. This device’s weight gets spread across the user’s head while wearing it. This model is also lighter in weight, enhancing comfortability. It is a mixed-reality device rather than a VR.


Meta Quest Pro’s release date is 25th October 2022. So the anticipation and eagerness for the arrival of this device are pretty high among its enthusiasts. All its features are mixed reality oriented. It’s color pass-through feature has been a highlighting aspect in this regard. It enables you to see the surrounding world using this headset and play some mixed-reality games. The eye and face tracking features are beneficial for the users.

Performance and Specifications

The Meta Quest Pro specs have been exceptional. It comes with 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon XR+ Platform. It has 256GB storage, Wi-Fi 6E support, etc. 120Hz is its display refresh rate.

The controllers have been like that of its previous models. The only difference is that in-built cameras on handsets have replaced the previously used tracking rings. Hence, overall the specifications of this device have been excellent.

Battery Life

Among all the pros and positive points, its battery life is a matter of concern. Meta Quest Pro headset is supposed to last around 2 hours on its battery life. Then you will have to recharge it. Considering the device’s high price, the battery life is a seriously off-putting aspect for the users.


Overall, Meta Quest Pro is undoubtedly a fantastic headset to go for. Apart from being comfier, this device is also regarded as more powerful than its previous models. It is more like a mixed reality-oriented device than a VR device. The battery life is the only negative point for you to consider. You can decide to do even more research about this product before going for it.

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