Nexigo Webcam: Get a Great Value for Money with this Ultimate Webcam

There are different types of webcams available with different features and specifications. If you want to grab a budget-friendly webcam with decent features and performance, go for the Nexigo webcam. This webcam punches above its weight. Priced at $50, getting this gadget would be the best deal in this price range. It records clear video with a smooth auto-focus feature that evades blurry images.

Nexigo Webcam: Compatibility

As per Nexigo webcam review, it works perfectly with macOS X 10.7 or later. On the other hand, it also goes well with Windows XP/10/8/7 or later OS version. Moreover, this webcam works with Linux 2.6.24 or later and Chrome OS. Regarding the USB port, 3.0 and 2.0 work just fine. Nexigo is compatible with various streaming software such as Hangout, Messenger, Webex, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. Therefore, if it is about compatibility, then you are never supposed to find any issue with the Nexigo webcam.


This lightweight webcam weighs 6.3 ounces and measures 3.9 x 2.2 x 2 inches. It comes with two privacy covers having information on how to attach them. These covers are bendable and serve a specific purpose. One can easily mount this webcam on a monitor or laptop with a flexible base/clip. Not to mention, it also has a tripod attachment in its base. Apart from having an HD lens, a noise-reduction microphone is also added. Before you get this webcam, you must explore several Nexigo reviews.

Audio and Video Quality

The audio and video quality is the most crucial aspect of a webcam. Nexigo webcam has fantastic audio and video quality. One can also install the NexiGo webcam settings app, making the process relatively easy, efficient, and fast.

Apart from its max resolution of 1080p/30fps, you can scale it down to 480p/30fps or 720p/30fps using NexiGo software. Compared to other webcams available in the market, nexiGo picks up fine details, and the image looks sharp enough at the highest resolution. So if you ask, ‘is Nexigo a good webcam’ then the answer would undoubtedly be affirmative.

Its field of view is 65 degrees, but it is not adjustable, which certainly is not surprising. Autofocus is another exciting feature of this webcam. Thus choosing the Nexigo webcam driver would be a good option for you to consider.

The built-in microphone of the webcam comes with a noise-canceling feature. But you should not expect a smooth noise-canceling function. In this price range, this model of Nexigo has undoubtedly considered a good purchase for you. Choosing it over other available webcam models like Iris pro webcam would undoubtedly be a wise decision on your part.


If getting value for money is your primary priority, then you have all the reasons to go for Nexigo webcam. It may lack other features, but all the essential features are included in this webcam. This is why it should be labeled as one of the best webcams at this price.

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