A Total of Six New Apple Products 2023 are Likely to be Announced by Apple

After Apple’s recent iPhone 14 presentation, rumors about the company’s upcoming product selection are circulating. The company will replace its iPhone Max Pro model with a new iPhone 15 Ultra model next year. Several Apple devices are expected to debut in 2023, including an upgraded HomePod, a MacBook Air, and an iPad with a larger screen. What we know about new products in 2023 is listed here.

So, What are The New Apple Products 2023?

15-Inch Macbook Air

As Gurman suggested, a 15-inch MacBook Air is anticipated from Apple in 2023. The MacBook Air is expected to have a 16-inch screen but will be smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Current MacBook Air models are 13-inches which were released in June.

Imac with m3 Chip

According to Gurman, Apple is developing a new iMac that will be released next year. There is no information yet regarding the size or design of the M3 Apple silicon chip that will be used in the new iMac. Apple is developing an “iMac Pro”; however, it’s unclear if this is the anticipated M3 iMac or a different standalone device.

Combined Apple Tv, Homepod, and Facetime Camera

Apple is working on a new home appliance that combines a HomePod with an Apple TV and a FaceTime camera. The device, which was first mentioned in April 2021, could make its debut by the end of 2023, according to Gurman.

The device’s extra functions would include standard Apple TV box activities like watching videos and playing games and smart speaker apps like playing music and using Apple’s Siri personal assistant, according to a previous statement by Gurman.

New Homepod

Despite discontinuing the original HomePod in March 2021, Gurman and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed Apple is working on a full-sized version to debut next year. The S8 chip seen in the Apple Watch Series 8 will power the new HomePod, according to Gurman, and it will be similar in size to the original HomePod and have higher audio quality. According to Kuo, the updated HomePod will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

Reality Pro Headset

One of Apple’s initial offerings in 2023 may be the hotly anticipated AR/VR headset. According to multiple publications, Apple may unveil its headgear next year under the “Reality Pro.”

It is expected that Apple will unveil the new headset at an event in January, according to Ming Chi-Kuo, an Apple expert.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

Given that the current model still employs Intel CPUs, one of the most eagerly awaited product announcements of 2023 is the release of a new Mac Pro. The upcoming Mac Pro is rumored to contain an M2 Ultra processor with a 20-core CPU and 64GB or 128GB of unified memory. Another option for the Mac Pro is expected to be the “M2 Extreme” chip and at least 128GB or 256GB of unified memory.

We know relatively little about the new Mac Pro compared to other new Apple products 2023 that will be released by apple, but this workstation will be the focus of all attention.

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