Yodeck, OnSignTV, and TelemetryTV are Affordable and User-Friendly Digital Signage Software

Digital signage finds extensive use in marketing and advertising because of the high engagement generated by displaying various types of content to suit the changing business needs. The restaurant industry was among the early adopters of digital signage that now finds wide application across various industries and public places. From retail stores to airports, hospitals and movie theaters, and schools and housing societies, the use of digital signage is spreading fast. Driven by digital signage software, the signage can display various types of digital content like text, infographics, videos, images, and animation on a digital monitor screen. The software allows managing the content across several screens remotely for which you must install the best digital signage software.

Features of the Digital Signage Software

The software used for digital signage includes various digital tools that should integrate with some content management system (CMS) to help in creating, publishing, and managing content across several monitors or screens. Therefore, the software must properly integrate with the hardware system used for creating and displaying content. For generating higher engagement, companies use some type of interactive digital signage software that allows the audience to share their response through devices like touch screens. Those looking for digital signage free software should focus on some open source software to launch their marketing or advertising campaigns.

Here are some brands of software for digital signage that are available in the market.


Yodeck is a brand of software presented by a top-performing digital signage Software Company. It’s a subscription-based service that can get any screen up and running in less than 5 minutes for which you need to pay $7.99 per month. The software includes hundreds of free templates to create and display any kind of content like videos, images, PDFs, menus, social media, calendars, and more. By using the feature of the Drop and Drag editor, you can create content in the shortest time with complete ease. The scalable cloud-based software is highly flexible and versatile for managing, scheduling, and editing content online for your screens. The company offers round-the-clock support across the globe. Without any doubt, Yodeck ranks at the top of any list of best digital signage software.


The OnSignTV software is compatible with several operating systems like Windows, Android, Chrome, macOS, Linux Samsung SSP, Philips, and more. Although it might not be the digital signage free software that you might be looking for it performs well because of the user-friendly technology. The software includes a range of free apps that display a lot of information from local weather information to sports results. The software has a drop-and-drag interface and allows you to create your app in HTML5.


TelemetryTV is an affordable software solution for digital signage that includes a version of digital signage free software. The company offers different schemes of varied prices to suit every budget. After signing up for the digital signage software service you have to either download an app for your desktop or access the interface via the browser. The video tutorials help in an easy start-up.

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