1899 Netflix – A Dark Historical Period Drama Steeped in Mystery and Horror

Until July, there were only rumors and speculations about 1899 Netflix, a mystery-horror period drama created by the director duo Jantje Friese and   Baran Bo Odar.  However, the release of the first- full-length 1899 trailer in July helped the audience gather practical hints about the content. Netflix plans to release the period drama in seven languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Danish, and Cantonese but it is original German content. The information shows that the 1899 Netflix release date is November 17, 2022. On that day, Netflix will premiere the 1899 series, which revolves around the travails of a   group of migrants who set sail from London on a steamship to reach New York City. The drama takes a drastic turn filled with mystery and horror as the migrants spot another ship drifting on the high seas.

1899 Netflix – The Plot

Until now, we know very little about the content of the 1899 series except that, in the words of the directors, it’s a crazy and weird story that will hold the audience breathless in excitement and thrills. However, the 1899 trailer does help to some extent to construct the bare bones of the story.

The series traces the path of a group of multinational European migrants who set on a voyage on a steamship with high hopes of starting their lives anew in New York. While sailing on the high seas, they suddenly discover an abandoned ship. As they explore the ship, they encounter strange and mysterious images from interesting relics, encounter odd individuals, and gaze across cryptic messages. All the signs and symbols seem to converge on a single repeating symbol. Soon, strange things start happening, and the passengers experience a terrible nightmare with almost no way of escaping it.

The Characters and their Connections

First impressions were gathered from the 1899 trailer. It seems that the characters are eager to conceal the secrets of their past. Moira Franklin, the first character presented in the trailer, seems to be running away from her mysterious past. It’s a reason for her seeking a new life in a new country.  The flashbacks show that the passengers also have a connection in their past lives but might not be aware of it. The characters remain submerged in mystery, and the audience has to figure out their roles and secrets as they see the events unfold.

Symbolism is Central to the Theme

The creators have an innate inclination to embrace symbolism. It is evident from the introduction of relics and objects that invite the audience to decipher. St. Christopher’s medallion keeps propping up. The audience can expect supernatural elements, and their weird activities add drama, excitement, and mystery to the series.

The 1899 cast includes Ben Ashenden, Mathilde Ollivier, Emily Beecham, Anton Lesser, Aneurin Barnard, Clara Rosager, Andreas Pietschmann, Alexandre Willaume, Richard Hope and others.

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