How to Download the Latest Windows 11 Update That Can Immensely Boost Productivity?

Coming at a time when Windows 11 is about to complete its first anniversary, the Windows 11 update is a major upgrade. Every user should update their Windows 11 to take advantage of the several enhancements that empower users and helps to leverage the OS for improving productivity and security. In addition, the Windows 11 free upgrade includes some gaming features and accessibility tools. Since installing upgrades is often a tedious task that disrupts regular work, you might feel like not it, but it could prove detrimental. The latest update is worth installing just for its productivity-enhancing features only, even if you don’t count on the other improvements.

Here is the Windows 11 latest preview that explains the benefits of the upgrade.

Windows 11 Update – What’s New?

More productivity tools

The Windows update 2022 is most attractive because of the new productivity tools that would benefit multitaskers and organizations immensely. For example, the Snap Layouts not only arrange open Windows on your PC neatly but the improved touch navigation and the scope of snapping several browser tabs of Microsoft Edge enhance the versatility of the OS.

New accessibility features

Users will have a better experience with the built-in screen reader Narrator that improves the text-to-speech function through better reception of natural voices. Moreover, the system-wide live captions over and above the apps’ live captions give more options to users for improving productivity.

Security and smart app control

You will have more control when downloading apps due to the Smart App Control feature included in the upgrade. The tool blocks suspicious and untrusted apps, potentially malicious macros, and script files from affecting your PC.

Gaming and android apps

It will be easier to access games by using the new Controller bar that provides an updated view of the Xbox Gamebar for faster access to launchers and recently played games. The update will boost the optimization of gaming performance and improve latency.

Less carbon emission

The latest Windows 11 build reduces the carbon emission of your device.

Let us now see how to download the new Windows 11.

The steps for downloading

  1. Open the Settings on your computer.
  2. Go to Menu on the left-hand of the screen and choose Windows Update.
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see an option that displays a message – ‘2022-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 11.’
  4. Click the Install tab.
  5. Soon, the system will prompt you to restart the computer. You can either restart immediately or schedule a restart later. To restart immediately, click on Restart Now.
  6.  After rebooting the computer, you can verify the completion of the process, for which you must click on Check for Updates.

The device will inform you that you are up to date.

Having gone through the process, you are now ready to take advantage of the Windows 11 free upgrade.

Microsoft released the latest upgrade on September 20. But remember that the latest Windows 11 update is available only for users who have Windows 11, version 21H2, installed on their computers.

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