The THQ Nordic Company is Working on a New South Park Video Game

A new South Park video game appears to be coming at last. The South Park Digital Studios logo and a mysterious voiceover that might or might not show Stan Marsh is dealing with something “hot, hot, hot” are all we have to go on, but the teaser at the end of THQ Nordic’s recent 2022 Showcase at least makes it clear that a new episode is unquestionably on the way.

You would be pardoned if you missed it. After the presentation, a message appeared on the screen. THQ Nordic is currently developing a total of 43 games. After this showcase, there were 26 more to be announced.

Do You Know the South Park Video Game Release Date?

No, not yet…At the end of its digital presentation (August 12), THQ Nordic and South Park Digital Studios promised the release of yet another South Park video game. At the very end of the webcast, THQ Nordic revealed that it still had 26 unnamed titles in production, which it then decreased to 25 after displaying the South Park Digital Studios logo and playing a clip of Randy Marsh from South Park yelling, “Hot hot hot hot!”

It is unknown what platforms this game will be available on as of the time of writing or whether it will be similar to past significant Triple-A games in the franchise.

New South Park Game Ps5 Supported

According to the job listing, the ideal candidate should know about console development on any modern system, such as the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PC. The new South Park video game will be playable on all next-generation consoles, including the PS5.

More on New South Park Video Game

Recently, South Park has only played RPGs. Obsidian Entertainment worked with South Park Digital Studios to create The Stick of Truth in 2014, and Ubisoft San Francisco created The Fractured but Whole in 2017.

The television franchise’s founders, Trey Parker and Matt Stone hint at a new video game in 2021. A “3D video game” was reportedly in development, but it hasn’t yet been determined whether the two projects are identical. If the project is the same as the one THQ Nordic hinted at, it will be a significant change from the past two Triple-A games.

The tale is entirely new, so players won’t need to have played any previous games to enjoy it. However, it contains themes, locations, and characters from the original trilogy from the 1990s, so the series’ fans will recognize many of them.

Because a completely different company is publishing a new South Park video game, we will likely not see any similarities to the previous PS3 and PS4 videos.

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