Pokemon Go September Events 2022: Featuring Legendary Raids and Spotlight Hours

Now that September has arrived, the Season of Light in Pokémon Go September events has begun. The mobile game is kicking off the new season with several unique events this month.

Over the following weeks, a few new and old legendary Pokémon will appear in raids. Additionally, there will be new weekly Spotlight Hours and other events, like the Psychic Spectacular and Fashion Week, to look forward to.

Here are All the Major Pokemon Go Events 2022 Scheduled for September-

Research Schedule

On September 1st, a new Research Breakthrough prize became accessible in Pokémon Go. You can catch Medicham and receive a Premium Raid Pass each time you finish a Research Breakthrough this month.

The stamps you earn for finishing field research are connected to your research breakthroughs. Each day’s first Field Research activity will get you a stamp, and after obtaining seven stamps, you’ll have made a Research Breakthrough.

Raid Schedule for September

In September, several new and resurfacing legendary Pokémon will appear in Pokémon Go. All four iterations of Deoxys were brought back to five-star raids at the beginning of the month.

Until September 27th, an unnamed new legendary Pokémon will debut. From September 27 to October 8, the Pokémon Y mascot Yveltal will round off the month.

Pokemon Events 2022 Highlight Times

The monthly Spotlight Hour event for Pokémon Go will last the entire month of September. Every Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. local time, you’ll have more chances to catch a specific Pokémon and receive in-game advantages.

September Pokemon Go Community Day

Every month, Pokémon Go hosts a Community Day that focuses on a Pokémon that will show up in the wild. Sept. 18 was set as Pokemon Go’s Community Day for this month. Extra Catch XP and Candy are frequently given when this Pokémon are captured. Due to the short timeframe, players who can go out and catch Pokémon should watch out between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm for the highlighted Pokémon this September.

Pokemon Fest 2022

Fashion Week, which resumes from September 27 to October 3, brings the month close. The event will be announced with more details. The fashion week this year won’t be all that different from last year. Players might gain access to additional timed Research activities, and Pokémon wearing specific clothing are likely to emerge.

As a result, there will be plenty to do this month in the Pokémon Go September events, with activities catered to players who favor the battling or collecting aspects of the game. All players will get something from participating in these novel events.

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