Moondrop Chu Review: an Affordable Earphone for You

The Moondrop Chu‘s that we have been hearing so much about are the ultimate affordable headphone that you must get. We’ve seen people throughout the years who simply don’t think wireless headphones will ever sound as nice as tethered ones. We are among those who have adjusted to the fact that certain wireless earbuds now sound as good, particularly in the wake of the development of lossless music files. But the Moondrop-Chu, now offered with a Headphone zone, is one of the many earbuds that still appeal to the first sector.

The Moondrop-Chu is the kind of device that, even in its design, transmits signals that satisfy audiophiles. These wired earphones have huge buds, which indicate larger-than-normal drivers within (10mm in this case), and the absence of pre-fitted silicone tips indicates that they do not take anything for granted. Here we have a quick review of Moondrop Chu review.

Moondrop Chu Have a Compact And Unique Design

The Chu shells are tiny. They are just about half as big as the Moondrop Aria. The zinc alloy shells feel sturdy and well made. Except for a tiny, bamboo-leaf-like gold pattern on the faceplates, they have a smooth, black finish and are unadorned.

The housings include two tiny vents inside, and the nozzle has a lip and a metal mesh guard for protection. The mesh aids in preventing debris and ear wax from entering the shells. Chu has a fixed cable, which is disappointing, but at a price, one can barely complain at this price. However, considering the price, the cable is stretchy and bouncy.

Moondrop Chu Wired Earphones: Sound Review

Would it surprise you to learn that Chu was adjusted to the target of the Virtual Diffuse Sound Field (VDSF)? Most likely not. People love Moondrop for doing that.

The VDSF is an unfamiliar frequency response modeled after the Harman target. It focuses on the lower treble and upper midrange and is generally neutral. The characteristic Moondrop house sound is finished with a flat bottom and rolled-off upper treble.

Chu headphones make a compelling, thorough, and impartial/bright presentation. It exhibits resolution and detail retrieval levels in extremely low-cost Electrode materials. The Chu is simple to operate and functions well from a phone or simple dongle DAC. It does not need further amplification or an elaborate or expensive source.


Bass notes contain sharp leading edges, controlled decay, and excellent clarity. Bassheads need not apply because there is a focus on the sub-bass, which feels confident but restrained. Although the mid and upper bass notes lack strength, the bottom bass is perfectly weighted. The airiness of the bass, which is a result of the driver’s speed and is further accentuated by the treble tuning, is an advantage, of course.


The midrange radiates detail and clarity. The midrange is neutral yet has enough weight and strength to sound mostly realistic. Although it could use a little more warmth, it strives for more clarity and articulation.

The elevated upper-mid bands that make up the Chu’s midrange give it a brighter, more energizing tone. Female vocals have a lot of presence and vibrancy, whereas male vocals may lack depth. Chu presents his voice with vigor and clarity.


The overall presentation and tone of Chu depend heavily on its lower treble. Hi-hats glitter and the definition and contrast of the percussion instruments are striking. The treble notes have a lot of trailing air and are pleasant and gently rounded.

To retain timbre, the mid-treble lowers before rising in the upper register. This further enhances the airiness of the Chu, and the well-extended highs make it easier to retrieve a lot of detail. It’s an exhilarating and pleasant treble that is reasonably precise and has excellent resolution.


The Chu has more to offer in terms of sound than just its great price, which is likely to be your initial impression. While the bottom exhibits firmness and power in all the right places, its middle and treble capabilities are satisfyingly detailed. The company is consistently driving down prices and improving its house sound. The Moondrop Chu is the best neutral-tuned under $20 Player on the market.

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Moondrop Chu Review: an Affordable Earphone for YouThe Moondrop Chu's that we have been hearing so much about are the ultimate affordable headphone that you must get. We've seen people throughout the years who simply don't think wireless headphones will ever sound as nice as tethered ones. We are among those...