Wifi Booster App Ensures Stable and Strong Wi-fi Connectivity for Android Users

Although the wired connection ensures the strongest internet connectivity, the convenience of Wi-Fi drives more people towards it. However, in most cases, poor Wi-Fi connectivity concerns users. Having a robust router can help very little in improving poor Wi-Fi signals. Neither is it feasible to place the Wi-Fi router closest to the workstation to receive strong signals consistently. Instead, the most practical way of improving the Wi-Fi signal is to use a WiFi booster app that maintains steady and strong signals according to the Wi-Fi configuration. Using the WiFi signal booster app can help to overcome connectivity issues and save you from the frustration of having a bitter online experience.

Before discussing WiFi booster, it is essential to clear the confusion between WiFi booster vs. extender.

How is the Wifi Booster App Different from the Extender?

WiFi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders are devices that help boost WiFi signal but work in different ways. The Wi-Fi extender is a networking device that amplifies the Wi-Fi signal when the signal drops in the network. The extender is placed between the user’s device and the Wi-Fi router and strengthens the Wi-Fi signal that reaches the router. The WiFi signal booster app is placed within the router. It behaves like an antenna that helps extend the network’s range while strengthening the Wi-Fi signal.

The above information should help you to buy a WiFi booster for your home.

Here are some apps that can help to boost the WiFi signal for Android devices. The apps are pretty pocket-friendly and easy to use. Some are even free.

Super Wi-Fi

Super Wi-Fi is a free app that you can download from Google Play. The WiFi booster provides you with the network details by scanning it and showing who else is using it. It gives an idea about how crowded the network is, and you can switch over to another network of your choice if available. The app has a speed testing feature to help users ascertain the network speed. Moreover, users can exercise more control over the network by accessing the router’s admin page. The app works on devices running Android 4.1 and above.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

This WiFi signal booster app does more than boost the Wi-Fi signal because it helps maintain a stable cellular connection or data when moving outdoors. It’s also practical for boosting Wi-Fi signals. The force connect ensures continuous availability of the internet regardless of network. The free app is convertible to an ad-free version by making a one-time purchase.

Wi-Fi Network Signal Booster

A highly user-friendly app to boost WiFi signal, the Wi-Fi Network signal booster can boost both Wi-Fi and cellular network. You can select the network you want to boost by choosing the appropriate button.

The free WiFi booster app is compatible with Android4.0 devices and above.

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