Tears of the Kingdom, The Latest Zelda Game is Set for Release in May 2023

Zelda fans would be delighted to know that May 12, 2023, is the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom release date of the highly-anticipated latest Zelda game. According to previous rumors, fans were expecting that the game Nintendo Switch would release sometime in 2023.  But now, the confirmed Tears of the Kingdom release date puts all speculations and uncertainties to rest. Besides making the announcement, Nintendo arranged to show it at its Nintendo Direct event which will boost the confidence of Zelda fans. They can now start preparing to play the game based on the glimpse given to players by Nintendo. Players can set their expectations by knowing what is in store by gathering information from the horse’s mouth.

The Latest Zelda Game – Highlights

The architecture of the Tears of the Kingdom maintains similarities with the previous Zelda games or rather builds on it. In the newest Zelda game, players can expect a lot of gliding through the air, platforming, and climbing as they have gone through in the earlier games. Players will have to spend more aerial time while roaming across the skies and most likely, there would be some new gameplay mechanics revolving around air travel. However, those who watched the Tears of the Kingdom trailer last year already know all these gameplay aspects.

The graphics are no different from the original except for a few scattered visual upgrades. It seems obvious because the Nintendo Switch runs pretty dated hardware. Breath of the Wild, the predecessor of the about-to-release Zelda game had already put the hardware to the stiffest stress test and the newest Zelda game will have no option but use the same engine. However, it could be the last time that a major title of the Zelda franchise is using the engine as the much-awaited Switch Pro is likely to show up sometime down the line.

A Sneak Peek into the Trailer

The Tears of the Kingdom trailer open by showing a fire-lit view of mysterious ancient engravings on a wall, followed by a scene in which Link, the protagonist, is seen pushing open temple doors. Next, we see him diving off the edge of a floating island and flying across the cloud in an eagle-shaped hang glider, and going up in a kind of rock elevator. As nothing much was known about the game since its first announcement in 2019, the trailer release stoked the imagination and enthusiasm of fans that triggered considerable reactions across social media. Since the release of the trailer, Zelda fans are reacting in various ways – some are screaming in excitement, some others are analyzing the trailer and others are trying to see inside the title.

Zelda fans have been growing restless while waiting for a sequel to ‘Breath of the Wild’ that became one of the most critically claimed and best-loved titles of the modern gaming era. The long wait is now over with just 8 months to go for the fans to enjoy the latest Zelda game which raises a lot of hope for Zelda fans.

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