Should You Go for the Upcoming Apple Watch Series 8? Explore Its Upgrades

Come September 16, the question ‘when is Apple watch series 8 coming out’ would become irrelevant because it’s the Apple watch series 8 release date. Also, it will allow us to verify all the rumors and leaks about the Apple watch series 8.  There will be two types of Apple watch series 8 price. The list price of the 41 mm GPS model is $399, and the cellular model of the watch will cost an extra $100 in the US.  The same models but in a larger size of 45 mm will cost $429 and $529.

The new watch does not have enough upgrades to convince users to go for it by ditching their existing basic smartwatch. Indeed, the new colors are attractive, but it’s not an upgrade. The new feature added to the new watch is the skin temperature sensor for ovulation and menstrual tracking, which could have some appeal for women mainly and men keen to start a family.

Apple Watch Series 8 – Design

The series 8 Apple watch looks very similar to Apple Watch 7, except the colors are new. It has a larger screen on a bigger chassis but thinner bezels to display more information. The square-shaped watch with rounded corners comes in two sizes, 41 mm and 45 mm. The familiar digital crown and side button are visible on the side of the watch. The arrangement will remind you of Apple Watch 7.

What’s New in the Features?

Fertility tracking – Fertility tracking is a new inclusion in the series 8 Apple watch, which is also its main attraction. The feature uses skin temperature as an indicator to link it further with fertility tracking. The presumption is that the changes in skin temperature on the wrist can accurately indicate the changes in ovulation. It can help to detect the most fertile phase of women, which can help those intending to start a family. The monitoring of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) becomes more effective with the help of data gathered about ovulation through the skin temperature sensor.

To ensure privacy, all data remains end-to-end encrypted, and users can delete it anytime without fearing its misuse by compromising confidentiality. Users have complete control over their health data and its sharing. You can share data with anyone you trust, like a doctor treating you for fertility.

Crash detection – The upgraded motion sensors of the series 8 Apple watch has facilitated the inclusion of the Crash Detection feature. Earlier models of the Apple Watch had emergency SOS and fall detection features, and Crash Detection is an addition to the list. Adding two new motion sensors, an accelerometer, and an improved gyroscope has helped incorporate the safety tool that enables the watch to detect a crash instantly without any time lapse.

Another new feature of the Apple watch series 8 is the low power mode that prolongs the battery life.

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