Halo Infinite Delay: The Launch of Season 3 is Scheduled for March 2023

Halo Infinite fans have been growing impatient about the release of fresh content but should now reset their level of patience as they have to wait longer. According to 343 Industries, the maker of Halo co-op, the content delay has become unavoidable for the latest Halo installment. Earlier slated for an August release, the campaign co-op Halo Infinite delay will push the release back to November 8. The new release date will coincide with the Forge open beta, which also missed the Halo September Infinite forge release date. There’s more bad news for gaming enthusiasts, and Halo Infinite fans as the makers confirmed that the content for Halo Infinite Season 3 will be available for players only in March 2023.

Halo Infinite Delay – More Details about the Adjustments

The game makers not only pushed back the Halo Infinite co-op release date for fresh content but also extended the current season’s tenure. Initially, the current season was to last for 3 months, but the series of content delays have forced the makers to extend the tenure to 10 months. It should help to maintain continuity by matching the new release date of Season 3 in March 2023.

What to expect from Forge?

The huge popularity of the Forge mode in the earlier editions of the game is a reason for infusing it into the current season of Halo Infinite co-op. The forge mode allows Halo co-op players to edit multiplayer levels. In addition, it can help to create new maps for sharing with fellow players. Although there is no confirmation about the features of the Forge mode in the making, leaks suggest that it will surely add a lot of fun for the players. Alongside Forge, 343 Industries is launching two new multiplayer maps on November 8, built with the help of the Forge editor.

More Changes will happen.

Halo Infinite co-op fans must be ready for more changes like the Mission Replay, and Campaign Co-op would be available from November 8 after the push back from August. The makers confirmed that they are scrapping plans for a co-op mode for a local split screen. 343 Industries stated that scraping was necessary to accelerate and improve ongoing live service development. It will improve the response to player feedback and the quality of live updates.

New ways to earn XP Points

The November update will address a long-standing players’ complaint about the XP system in Halo Infinite co-op since its release. After the winter update, players can explore ways of earning XP.  Instead of making it compulsory to complete challenges, a new Match XP Beta will allow players to level up and complete the battle pass simultaneously.

Even before the launch of Season 3, fans are building their expectations about Forge to renew their interest in the game. Amid the continued Halo Infinite delay and the game’s delayed release, Forge will be an acid test for Halo Infinite.

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