Ironman, Captain America, and Thor – Titles that always find a place in the List of Top Superhero Movies

Let’s admit that superheroes dominate the movie scene.  People of all ages have seen some good superhero movies where the central character or the superhero performs incredible and magical acts of bravery to deal with bizarre situations in alien worlds and emerge winners.  Here is a list of top superhero movies streamed on Disney and Hotstar, the channels responsible for the widespread popularity of these movies. The movies listed here are not new releases but blockbusters that viewers would like to view repeatedly. Although some of the titles have sequels made on later dates, here you will find only the introductory titles. Moreover, this list does not include new superhero movies in 2022, as there are no new releases during the month.

Ironman – A First among the Top Superhero Movies

Released first in 2008, Ironman is one of the best-known Marvel heroes that can also qualify as the most popular of the Disney superhero movies. The movie shows how Ironman comes into being and narrates the events in the life of the protagonist Tony Stark that finally turn him into Ironman, the superhero. The movie takes the audience through several internal and external conflicts experienced by Tony during his journey of becoming the Ironman clad in the armored suit.  Ironman was the first Marvel movie that laid the foundation for the subsequent Avengers series. The movie appears in any list of superhero movies of all time, with sequels made in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The first movie in the Avengers series appears in any list of superhero movies since 2011, the year of its first release. Set in the early 1940s, the story revolves around a young boy who finds himself transformed into Captain America while conducting a series of scientific experiments. As a superhero with special powers, he helps the USA to destroy HYDRA, an organization that wants to rule the earth with supreme powers. The movie holds the audience to the edge of their seat with its intense drama and incredible special effects as they eagerly wait to see Captain America emerge victorious.


We have seen scientists creating monsters like Frankenstein through accidental experiments. The Deadpool makers follow a similar path as we see a scientist transforming the protagonist Wade Wilson into Deadpool with a disfigured face but endowed with incredible healing powers. The movie is about Deadpool’s revenge on the scientist responsible for creating the disfigured character. The action-packed movie has reasonable doses of romance and comedy blended into the story to create an engaging movie that projects the superhero in its true colors.  Deadpool is a timeless chart-topper among Disney superhero movies.


Since its first release in 2011, Thor has become a name to reckon with among the superheroes from Marvel Studios, the movie’s producer. The movie introduces us to Thor and highlights how he acquires the powers that make him a superhero.

Thor is one of the top superhero movies streamed on Disney+ and Hotstar.

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