Warner Bros Abandoned the Batgirl Film Project due to Poor Test Screening Reviews

The much-awaited Batgirl film about the female superhero that had been in the making since 2021 has met a terrible fate even after the completion of the shooting in March 2021. The management of Warner Bros. Discovery decided not to proceed further with the post-production of Batgirl HBO max, which is now a canceled film. Intended to be an installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the film made with a reported budget of $100 million now remains shelved. The decision makes sense for Warner Bros as the production house is not new to disastrous productions. Over the past decade, the DCEU earned the ill-fame of screening horrible movies, and who can forget what we saw in Wonder Woman 1984 and Suicide Squad? Even the better ones, like Birds of Prey and Shazam, are barely passable.

Reasons for canceling the Batgirl film

Various reports about the film’s cancellation indicate that the reasons cited by Warner Bros for shelving the Batgirl live-action film hardly seem plausible. New York Post was the first to report that the film’s test screenings were so poor that the studio stopped the film to cut losses. Variety reported that the decision to shelve the film did not have any quality-related issues; instead, it was purely a business decision of the production house. The studio is now keen to focus on producing only movies of blockbuster scales. As Batgirl was exclusively for streaming and would never have a theater release, the management at Warner Bros wants to present only the best and biggest DC movies.

The plot of the film

Information leaked about the Batgirl 2022 film by one who saw the test screening gives some scanty clues about the storyline of WB’s abandoned film. The film’s plot revolves around Batgirl’s encounters with Firefly. A vague idea gathered from the fragmented inputs suggests that Firefly is just like any other suited guy who may or may not be the killer of Bargirl’s mom early on. She could have died from a fire or something like that. The film is set in the Universe after the upcoming movie Flash, which sets the stage for Michael Keaton to appear as Batman. In a sense, the movie is a reset of the DC universe. Moreover, the film might have a reference to the Catwoman’s mask. The film ends with Firefly’s death.

The cast

Leslie Grace leads the film’s cast in the titular role of Barbara Gordon, supported by Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and J.K.Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, Barbara’s father. Brendan Fraser dons the mantle of Garfield Lynns aka Firefly with Ivory Aquino as Alysia Yeoh, Janis Ahren a Posh Lady ( Genevieve Banks), Ben Ashenden as the store manager, Rebecca Yeoh as the morning news anchor, and Elizabeth Conboy as Daisy Carson.

Ed Wade, Amarah Taylor, Aaron Stielstra, Danielle Lewis, David Cheung and Ethon Kai are the other members of the cast.

Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah are the directors of the Batgirl film, which is now history, for very different reasons.

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