Exploring 5 Best Movies This Year (Of 2022)

Despite a competitive field, these diverse films rank among the year’s top films thus far. If 2020 was a complete failure and 2021 was a year of shaky recovery and streaming experiments, 2022 was the year Hollywood resumed somewhat normal operations. You should know about the best movies this year (of 2022).

The Best Movies this Year (Of 2022)

So, it is no surprise that 2022 is already making a strong showing in the movie stakes. These are our recommendations for the best movies. Whether you’re seeking the best films you might have missed from the year so far or just want to look back before the next wave of film favorites arrives. These are the best movies 2022 so far.

1. Licorice Pizza

It is one of the must watch movies 2022 for you. A self-assured teen tries to capture the love of a drifting twenty-something in Paul Thomas Anderson’s sunniest film to date, set in the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. The two standout lead performances by Cooper Hoffman, the son of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Alana Haim, some A-list cameos, and PTA’s usual godlike touch behind the camera help to keep the teenage-gaze premise from coming across as remotely Porky’s.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

This is also one of the top 2022 movies. Who has their hands up and predicted the arrival of this nearly perfect blockbuster? A few people may have because the long-awaited Top Gun sequel was supposed to be out two years ago, but the forced delay doesn’t even slightly diminish. So far, this is the best thrill ride on a wide screen.

The heart, soul, and a few fighter jet maneuvers that we’re pretty sure break every rule of physics in the book come from Tom Cruise’s ace pilot. The book is thrown out early in this one to re-imagine the so-called “legacy sequel” into something that soars much above shallow Hollywood cash-ins.

3. The Northman

The Northman is one of the must see movies 2022. A broadside call to arms for movies in the era of streaming. The review of Robert Eggers’ great, gory Viking epic when it first hit theatres in April is a little breathless.

The Northman serves as a helpful reminder that the biggest screen is where you should be to see the biggest, boldest cinematic visions; if you don’t live in an IMAX, that won’t be in your living room. However, the sentiment still holds in an era increasingly dominated by streaming websites.

4. Parallel Mothers

With this moving exploration of Spain’s long-buried Civil War trauma, Pedro Almodóvar adopts a more somber tone without abandoning his light touch or love of joyful melodrama. Penélope Cruz’s performance as a new mother involved a case of mistaken identity in the maternity unit, which, even by her high standards, is a career-high, lights it all up like a starburst. She would have won her second Oscar for it in a just world. This certainly comes under top rated new movies.

5. The Worst Person in the World

This certainly falls under the best movies this year. The heart and soul of this heart-warming and creative depiction of one millennial life that plays out over several years in Oslo belong to Norwegian actress Renate Reinsve. Her medical student-turned-writer is a fantastic representation of the doubts and ambiguities of young adulthood: a complete mix of conflicting desires, and emotional rawness that feels endlessly real. The worst thing about her is that she’s not the worst person around. And her breathtaking sprint across a city frozen in time may be the best cinematic moment of the year thus far.

You must see these best movies this year (of 2022). Each of these movies is unique and distinct that you are surely going to like. There are some comedies 2022 movies that you can also look for.

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