Ps5 Slim: Everything you need to know about this Upcoming Gaming Console

PlayStation 5 Slim is most likely to be released at some point in the future. From the original PlayStation through the PS4, the Japanese corporation always issued a smaller and lighter iteration of its home systems. Hence, the arrival of a PS5 Slim is undoubtedly a matter of when not if.

So, Sony will reduce the PS5’s original divisive size and weight by a few inches and pounds. A PS5 Slim isn’t only about winning over customers whom the console’s enormous size might have turned off.

Slim consoles are primarily a way for businesses to save money. As production prices start to decline and more practical components become available, Sony will be able to produce a PS5 that is cheaper and offers the same experience as its larger predecessor in a much more compact form factor.

Ps5 Slim Release Date

The PS5 Slim’s debut pricing will probably be less than the original PS5. Three years after a console’s initial debut, Sony often releases a slimmer version of it. It took four and six years, respectively, for the PlayStation 2 Slim and the PlayStation One. Therefore, it seems likely that a PS5 Slim will release sometime in 2023 or early 2024.


Being the largest console Sony has ever produced, the PS5 takes up a substantial amount of space in your home entertainment center, especially if you mount it vertically. We anticipate it to be considerably shorter than the PS5.

Sony has already reduced the weight of the existing PS5 models by 300 grams, but we anticipate that the bulky chassis will continue to get lighter. It weighs 8.6 pounds, making it somewhat lighter than the PS3, and is the second-heaviest system Sony has produced to date.


The PS5 Slim will most likely be technically identical to the present PS5. However, previous slim iterations have shown a minor performance improvement. However, Sony hasn’t traditionally upgraded the hardware within its slim models, and it wouldn’t make much sense given the impending release of a PS5 Pro.

For those who want a little more flexibility in storing games, Sony might expand the capacity on the PS5 Slim. The ports of the console may also be altered or relocated, as was the case with the PS4 Slim, which did away with the optical port.


If you have the patience to wait, waiting for the PS5 Slim would be a sensible decision, given how difficult it is to find the PS5. The PS5 Slim will probably cost less than the PS5’s current $499 / £449 price tag, and those who may feel that the PlayStation 5 is simply too large may prefer its smaller profile. But you’ll likely have to wait a bit.

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