5 Best Blackberry Phones for 2022 that you must consider

Once upon a time, the only smartphone to be seen using was a BlackBerry. Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets now fill the pockets of the majority of Westerners.

Hardware keyboards, push email, and the blinking red LED bring back nostalgic thoughts of the mid-2000s, but it’s rare to see an old-style BlackBerry being sold today, much less in someone’s palm on the bus.

Does Blackberry Still Make Phones?

The slow demise of BlackBerry was primarily caused by the company’s inability to adjust to the 2007 release of the iPhone; as a result, developers left the platform to create apps for iOS and later Android touchscreens, which is where BlackBerry ultimately ended up, with all of the most recent BlackBerry devices running on Google’s mobile operating system.

TCL declared in early 2020 that it would stop producing new BlackBerry phones but that it would continue to offer support for current models until August 31, 2022.  Below is a list of the best BlackBerry devices you can buy based on our reviews.

The Best Blackberry Phones for 2022

1. Blackberry Key2 

The Key2 features superb build quality, clever software updates, and a keyboard that purists enjoy. That doesn’t, however, make it a sensible option for most people in the smartphone market. Despite what any fan may claim, using a physical keyboard this little is challenging, and the form factor is more awkward to grasp than the smaller BlackBerry Bolds from a decade ago.

The BlackBerry Key2 is a phone for a select few people who still require a keyboard – and no one else. Battery life is above average and performs significantly faster than the KeyOne.

2. Blackberry Key2 Le 

The Key LE falls short of the Key2 in quality. The capacitive keyboard is missing more than we anticipated and is substantially slower. However, it’s significantly less now, and when we turned off the BlackBerry Hub, it worked better. The cheapest option to enter the game is if you’re a light phone user and insist on having a physical keyboard.

Also safe and practical is BlackBerry’s software. Consider the Key2 LE to be a good mid-range phone.

3. Blackberry KEYone 

The KEYone was the greatest BlackBerry phone when it first came out. It successfully combined the necessary proportion of Android and nostalgia with the timeless BlackBerry design without going overboard.

But if you adore your Samsung or iPhone, you’ll detest the Keyone and shouldn’t consider getting one.

4. Blackberry DTEK60 

As a result of its launch, the DTEK60 was one of the first BlackBerrys we could recommend to an individual consumer. It is also a business gadget, but because of Android’s adaptability can be customized to meet the requirements. Without breaking the money, it combines the Android operating system with powerful, simple-to-use security measures and stylish design.

Even this fantastic BlackBerry is challenging to recommend in 2022 due to TCL’s subsequent decision to renounce its license to manufacture BlackBerry smartphones and its lack of assurance regarding maintenance after August 2022.

5. Blackberry Motion 

It’s challenging to give a rating to the BlackBerry Motion. Apart from the excellent battery life, there isn’t much to excite a casual smartphone buyer about this device because it is too bulky. Even in comparison to the KeyOne, it is overly austere and cumbersome, and it arrived overpriced due to the BlackBerry name’s premium inclinations.

Although BlackBerry isn’t a famous brand, the Motion boasts a sizable battery, a headphone connection, and a CPU that can handle most tasks outside of intensive gaming. If the KeyOne was a return, the Motion is almost a good follow-up, but other more recent smartphones with greater specs are available for less money.


Ranking the best BlackBerry phones of 2022 is challenging, especially since the available models are all three years old. Despite it being challenging to imagine the typical individual searching the web for a BlackBerry phone, the venerable firm may have a small but devoted following. The unfortunate news from OnwardMobility indicates that BlackBerry phones will continue to be antiquated technology. You can always purchase one as a souvenir or a collectable.

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