Do you know what Samsung Sam is and why everyone is Buzzing about it?

The topic that receives the most internet discussion is Sam, the new Samsung girl. Virtual assistants that use artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more significant daily. By releasing Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, in 2011, they raised the standard. Amazon introduced Alexa in 2014, and it soon became one of the most popular smart home helpers. Google debuted Google Assistant in 2016, one of the market’s smartest, most useful, and most accurate digital assistants. Sam has been associated with Samsung since it first became well-known in 2021, even though Samsung never created nor even acknowledged Sam.

The internet may sometimes be an odd place. Samsung Sam probably wouldn’t have become so popular if it hadn’t been for that. Many people have wondered who Samsung Sam is due to the mascot-like appeal of what is an intriguing physical portrayal of a virtual assistant.

The only evidence of the Samsung assistant Sam is a series of 3D-produced photos of a virtual woman who is amusing, eccentric, and purportedly skilled at handling Samsung products.

So what is Samsung Sam?

Set away, Alexa and Siri. Samsung Sam is the new digital assistant that’s dominating the internet. Millions of people flocked to the newest virtual human to appear online after a set of 3D-produced photographs of a virtual woman went viral over the weekend. What is the sole caveat? Sam was not created by Samsung or even acknowledged.

After being discovered on the website of the Brazilian design studio Lightfarm, several character sketches and 3D renderings went viral. Lightfarm and Cheil, a Samsung-owned marketing firm, worked together to build a draught of the hypothetical virtual assistant.

Despite the high level of design in the renderings, the collaboration appeared to come to an end as a draught since the pictures remained dormant on the Lightfarm website for a week. That is until someone came across her while tweeting about her.

What Made Sam Go Viral so Quickly?

Samsung Sam has piercing blue eyes and a bob hairdo. Sam seems to be a synthetic version of Progressive’s Flo as if done by Pixar. Sam will never age or die and has the potential to be a brand spokesman for Samsung indefinitely, in contrast to the actress who portrays Flo, who will someday outgrow her character. Progressive will be obliged to retire her human image.

Samsung Sam’s viral success is a reminder of the public’s yearning for more virtual persons, especially fully branded ones. People are wondering now whether Sam will eventually replace Samsung’s forgettable and faceless AI helper, Bixby.

The reality of Samsung Sam

Lightfarm abandoned the project and even erased their webpage that featured the Samsung Girl primarily due to the memes, NSFW posts, and false information about her. Samsung Girl Samantha is still alive today, thanks to the internet and the millions of her supporters.

As soon as it became widely believed that the new Samsung Girl would replace Bixby on Samsung handsets, both Samsung and Lightfarm issued denials. They formally declared that Samantha was neither a visual replacement for Bixby nor the face of Samsung’s NEON virtual human assistant project and that Bixby was not going anywhere.

How can you obtain the Samsung Virtual Assistant?

  • Find the app from the home screen.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Click on Advanced features.
  • Bixby key tapped.
  • Tap Get started to configure Bixby if you haven’t already.
  • Select whether you want to press the Bixby key once or twice to make Bixby active.

Demand for animated 3D virtual assistants is growing. IT juggernauts may soon release or provide updates on its current AI helper with 3D virtual characters.

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