Belfast, Bringing out the Dead, and Last Night in Soho are some of the best Movies on HBO Max 2022

With Turner Classic Movies coming under the HBO umbrella, viewers can now dip in the ocean of timeless classics in the list of best movies on HBO max 2022. HBO Max keeps streaming masterpieces created by famous filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock, Stanly Kubrik, Akira Kurosawa, Agnes Varda, Ingmar Bergman, and many more. The offerings look much like taking a crash course in world cinema. Many of the movies on HBO max are Oscar winners, and the lineup of movies caters to the broadest section of movie lovers of various genres.

Here are some of the current movies on HBO max, along with some classics that can fulfill the cravings of film buffs.

Belfast – One of the best movies on HBO Max 2022

Belfast director Kenneth Branagh scores high with the latest film. The 2021 film stars Caitriona Balfe, Jude Hill Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, and Ciaran Hinds. The drama set in Northern Ireland portrays the growing up years of a boy during the troubled years of the late sixties. The film’s simplistic storytelling style is its greatest attraction. Worldwide viewing on HBO max allows moviemakers to reach out to the largest audience section without any investment.

Bringing Out the Dead

Bringing out the Dead, a Martin Scorsese film of 1999 tells the story of the toll taken upon medical workers and has plenty to say about morality and martyrs. The director closely examines the broken American healthcare system in the film. Nicholas Cage plays the lead, portraying a desperate ambulance driver interacting with jaded partners brilliantly played by Ving Rhames, John Goodman, and Tom Sizemore as he tries to do something good in the godforsaken corner of New York. The film is about the end of life expressed most realistically. Viewers searching for HBO max good movies should find the film that ranks among the classics as most satisfying. The partnership of Nicholas Cage and Martin Scorsese creates magic on celluloid.

Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho is a thorough entertainer for those who love horror/comedy, directed by Edgar Wright. Thomasin McKenzie is Eloise Turner, aka Ellie, the protagonist of the movie who has big dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her mother had similar dreams but died by suicide after moving to London. Now, her ghost seems to haunt Ellie, who sees her dead mother’s visage in every mirror. Like her mother, Ellie, who loves the styles, culture, and fashion of the 60s, relocates to London to join a fashion school. After being teased by her college mates for the clothes she wore, Ellie decides to move on her own. The film’s cast includes Ana Taylor-Joy, Jessie Mei Li, Matt Smith, and Diana Rig.

The psychological thriller is a treat for those who love to travel back to the 60s and easily ranks among the best movies on HBO max 2022.

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