Garmin Approach S62 Review – A High-End Golf Watch that can precisely Track your Sporting Performance

This Garmin Approach S62 review will reveal the broad appeal of the GPS golf watch. Despite being a golf watch, it’s excellent for everyday use. The design never makes the watch look beyond the golf courses. The features make the watch suitable for use anywhere. Besides providing premium tracking features for golfers, Garmin packs many other features into the watch to ensure an all-around experience.

Garmin Approach S62 Review

The Garmin Approach S62 Premium GPS golf watch is expensive because of the premium features. However, the watch performs excellently beyond the gold courses, putting it ahead of other golf watches. Besides generating massive golfing data when players are at the golf courses, the watch performs excellently for everyday use. Although the data generated by the watch can provide valuable insights for golfers, it’s never easy to make use of it. For accessing and analyzing complex golfing data, it needs a good amount of learning and practice to acquire the skills necessary for making proper use of the data. Golfers ready to adapt to the steep learning curve can utilize the watch.

Design and Display

The watch is available in a single size 47mm case, which, despite being a bit large and heavy, sits nicely on the wrist when tied down with the Garmin Approach S62 bands or rubber straps, never making you feel uneasy. However, the watch might be a misfit for smaller wrists, for which the Approach S42 with a 43 mm case might be more appropriate. The bigger case size means a bigger screen, which is necessary for prolonged and comfortable interactions at the golf course. The 1.3-inch color display is decent, although not as colorful and jazzy as other smartwatches. The display is nicely visible in bright sunlight with the provision for adjustments by using the brightness and backlight sliders.

The red push button on the right side of the watch is a shortcut to start an activity, the button in the middle invokes a simplified menu, and the lowest button is for going back. The button placement is similar to other Garmin watches, leaving no room for raising the issue during the Garmin Approach S60 vs. S62 debate.

On Course Performance

The S62 plays out perfectly when you’re moving around the golf course, as GPS tracking gives a fair idea of distances and obstacles around you. The Green View feature displays the actual shape of the putting surface. The watch facilitates scoring for golfers by providing all relevant real-time data, which syncs with the Garmin Golf app. The first five rounds constitute the phase of data collection.

Off-Course Features and Performance

Compatibility with Garmin Connect allows the watch to perform as an activity and health tracker with the feature of the usual smartwatch notifications.

To summarize the Garmin Approach S62 review, it’s better to admit that it’s a golf watch first and then a fitness tracker, as indicated by the high price.

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