Tempo Studio and the Mirror – Two Reputed Brands of the New-Age Gym Trainer within a Smart Fitness Mirror

The Covid19 pandemic has given a big push to at-home exercises, and there is more focus on home fitness and training aids to substitute human trainers. Having a smart fitness mirror at home helps you continue your fitness regimen as you would at the gym or perhaps even better. Although the mirror looks like any other mirror, it’s different because of the technology under the surface that turns it into a smart device. The device plays the role of a gym trainer to perfection, which is why people also call it a workout mirror that guides you through the workout sessions. Exercising before such mirrors ensures an interactive experience as the Mirror monitors your movements to ensure that you perform the exercises correctly.

How a Smart Fitness Mirror Works?

The Mirror installed on the wall does a lot more than just reflect your image when your stand or move in front of it. Leave sufficient space in front of the Mirror to perform various exercises. When you switch on the Mirror, it comes to life and starts playing the role of a fitness trainer that keeps a close watch on your activities. As you exercise, not only can you follow your movements reflected in the fitness mirror, but the trainer hidden inside starts interacting with you. Usually, you can hear a live broadcast or sometimes a recorded voice that provides feedback about how accurately you are performing the exercises. The trainer helps improve your performance to achieve fitness goals by pointing out deviations.

Here are some smart mirror brands that you can consider buying.

  • Tempo Studio

The Tempo Studio is the best mirror workout system as it provides the most technologically advanced features, including a package of several workout gears not found in other brands of similar mirrors. The device is a giant touch screen with stereo speakers and uses an artificial intelligence (AI) system to capture motion to produce a 3D image of your body as you exercise. The upgraded camera of the workout system helps maintain privacy because it projects your body image as a skeleton without highlighting the unique features or capturing the views of the home interiors. The trainer deftly points out the bad postures during deadlifts and alerts you about repositioning during burpees.

The system includes a complete package of exercise gear like dumbbells, a barbell, a complete set of weights, a recovery roller, a heart rate monitor, and a workout mat.

  • Mirror

The Mirror is a sleek fitness mirror that requires minimal space for installation. The device has a stand for placing it against the wall to ensure portability. Otherwise, you can mount it on the wall. The front-facing camera provides a one-on-one training session. The device’s compatibility with Apple Watch and Bluetooth connectivity helps monitor the heart rate.

However, the Mirror is a different type of smart fitness mirror as it does not have a touchscreen. To operate the device, you must connect it to a smartphone.

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