A Step-by-Step Process for Using the NBA 2K22 Face Scan Feature to Create a Character That Looks Like You

The NBA 2K22 face scan feature comes in handy to help you derive the satisfaction of turning your identity into a professional athlete on the court. The character creation feature has been a standard for a range of NBA 2K games, but the process of customizing characters took a long time. Moreover, if you try to create a character that is your look-alike, then it will take even longer. However, the face scan NBA 2K22 not only makes the process faster but also allows handling the complexities and sophistication with ease to create a player that looks like you in all respects.

Start Using the NBA 2K22 Face Scan Feature

To take advantage of the face scan feature, you must have a gaming console like Xbox One X or Sony PS4 (Slim). First, arrange for NBA 2K22 face scan app download on your smartphone. The NBA 2K22 face scan app is necessary to start the process of face scanning. It means that first, you need to download the app on your smartphone, Android, or iOS and take your photo, which you can upload on the desired platform. Ensure that the smartphone used for taking your photograph produce the most brilliant picture that looks life-like when you upload it on the platform. Prepare well to take your photograph in a well-lit environment so that the photo captures the minute details of your face so that the recreation of the player’s identity is highly authentic.

Preparing to Scan Your Face in NBA 2K22

To scan your face in NBA 2K22, you must have a copy of the game with a MyPlayer account set up and a smartphone.   Since the phone’s camera does face scanning, ensure that you have a high-end smartphone with an excellent camera that captures vivid images. However, you must install the NBA 2K22 face scan app on your phone to facilitate the scanning. Remember that you need to scan your face and not just simply click a photo using the smartphone camera. The app provides the interface for uploading a scanned image to the gaming platform. Usually, the phone’s front camera is active when taking a selfie or you can ask someone to take your photo.

Begin the Scanning Process

Ensure that you have an active MyPlayer account duly set up that remains connected to NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K22. Choose the option ‘Scan your face’ in NBA 2K22. The system will start prompting the steps one by one that you must follow correctly. On completing the process, you can see one of the most famous NBA players who look exactly like you, at least in the facial appearance.

Scanning the face is crucial to ensure that the image perfectly represents your face without the slightest distortion or mismatch. For flawless face scanning, do not jump into the NBA 2K22 face scan process straightaway. Instead, learn how to ensure the best face scan by referring to the help page of NBA2K21.

After uploading the face scan, it should appear on the player creation page where you can see your new avatar.

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