How to Connect PS5 Controller to PC in 3 Easy Steps with or without Bluetooth Connectivity?

Although the PS5 controller, aka the DualSense controller, is for PS5, you can connect it to your gaming PC too. The Sony DualSense is not only one of the best gaming controllers but immensely versatile as it doubles up as a DualSense PC controller. The feature ensures more flexibility for gamers who can use the device when playing games on their PC. The superior ergonomic design of the controller allows its extensive use for hours together without straining the hands. The compatibility of the PS5 controller with computers is highly reassuring only if you know how to connect PS5 controller to PC. The PC support of the controller is quite robust, and it’s easy to get going by using it as a plug-and-play device or pairing it to the PC via Bluetooth.

How to Connect PS5 Controller to PC?

It requires some preparation to connect the PS5 controller on PC because although the device is ready to connect, you will need some accessories to do the job. Firstly your PC should have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, but if it’s an older model, you must use a Bluetooth adapter to connect with it. Some adapters might fit into the USB port, while there are some others types that you can connect to your computer’s PCIe slot. Secondly, you will need a data-ready USB-C cable. Ensure that your PC has suitable ports to connect the USB-C cable.

With the accessories in hand, you are ready to start pairing the PS5 controller to PC.

Pairing the Device by using the USB-C Cable

The pairing of PS5 controller on PC by using the USB-C cable is a simple three-step process.

  • Connect the USB cable to the appropriate open port on your PC.
  • Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB-C port of the PS5 or Dualsense controller.
  • Allow the Windows OS of your PC some time to recognize the device as it signals the readiness to start using the controller. As the controller lights up, you can start using it.

Connecting the Controller and PC via Bluetooth

Pairing PS5 controller to PC by using Bluetooth connectivity is as easy as you would typically pair any other device with the PC. Usually, those who prefer wireless connectivity choose this method.

  • Assuming that the PC runs on Windows 10 or Windows 11, go to the settings icon and click on the option ‘add a device’. After clicking on Bluetooth, take up the controller to go through the subsequent steps.
  • Press the PS and Create buttons of the PS5 controller simultaneously and hold it down for 3 seconds, after which you will see the controller lights start flashing. If you are familiar with the Share button in DualShock4, then it is the same in the PS5 controller but named Create.
  • Select the ‘add a device’ option on the PC and select your controller. Most likely, it shows as Wireless Controller.
  • Click the ‘Done’ tab to complete the process.

So, now you know how to connect PS5 controller to PC.

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