Eufy vs. Arlo Debate: The Eufy Cam 2 Pro Is a Smart Choice for Any Home Security System.

Any discussion about wireless security cameras usually ends in the Eufy vs. Arlo debate, as these are the big names in the industry. Looking at any buying guide for security cameras, you would undoubtedly find these names grabbing the spotlight. The same thing happens for anyone looking for the best home security camera.  

Eufy vs. Arlo – Company Profile

Arlo – Arlo is an offshoot of the American Company NetGear that specializes in servers and routers. Founded in 2014, Arlo has headquarters in San Jose and specializes in video surveillance devices for smart homes. The company’s product range includes Wi-Fi cameras, floodlight cameras, video doorbells, battery-driven Wi-Fi cameras, and more.

Eufy – Founded in 2011, Eufy is a Chinese company with almost an identical product range to Arlo and is a strong competitor in the international market for security cameras.

Both companies offer subscription-based services in different price bands and manufacture original equipment. Eufy even has non-subscription-based services.

Eufy Cam 2 Pro Wireless Security System

Those who want to install a stylish and modern home security camera system should find the Eufy wireless camera most suited. Although the brand is not as famous as Arlo, it can give its competitors a run for their money. Besides the stylish equipment, the subscription-free service attracts customers because other brands mainly offer subscription-based services.

The Eufy Cam 2 Pro comprises a complete home security camera kit with a base station and two cameras. The base station facilitates local storage of the video recordings while ensuring a stable internet connection. The camera has a lens range of 140 degrees, and on detecting motion, it starts recording 2K color footage, including night vision aided by infrared technology. But the night videos are in black and white. The camera links to your smartphone for viewing camera feeds. The cameras have a waterproof and weatherproof rating of IP67, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Both local and cloud storage are free, and the base station has a 16 GB storage capacity. The camera has a built-in microphone, and the rechargeable battery lasts 365 days on a single charge.

Smart Home Camera

The Eufy Cam 2 Pro is a smart home camera that uses AI to enhance performance by eliminating the chances of false motion detection. The AI helps identify whether the motion is human-generated or behind it. The home security camera can integrate with the automation features through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can generate a compatible display to view camera feeds that perfectly match the home automation system.

Amid the Eufy vs. Arlo, the scales can tilt in favor of Eufy mainly because of the unrestricted storage services that significantly offset the high upfront cost ($349.99) of the home security camera system.

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