BenQ SW321C and LG 32UN 880 Ultrafine Ergo: the Best Monitor for Photo Editing

To ensure the best rendition of images by accurately balancing color and contrast, you must use the best monitor for photo editing. The quality of editing depends mainly on the quality of the monitor because a subpar monitor can spoil good images. The monitor calibrators help to improve the image details displayed on the screen, but the monitor quality can impact the outcome. The primary job of the monitor is to project the colors as accurately as possible to replicate the true colors captured by the camera. At the same time, the monitor must nicely balance the color contrast to add more life to the images with proper doses of brightness. Lack of color coverage could make the images look dull, and you must rely on a color-accurate monitor to ascertain the quality of images when printed or projected.

What to expect from the Best Monitor for Photo Editing?

There is nothing right or wrong about monitor selection as long as you choose a monitor that meets your expectations of reproducing true-to-life colors and vibrant images. The accuracy of the colors displayed on the screen is the critical parameter in judging the quality of monitors for photo editing. Moreover, the display must capture the entire spectrum of colors and all hues just as it existed in real life. Editing infuses life into photographs and can make the most ordinary images look extraordinary. But to achieve the quality, the monitor must thoroughly support your photo editing skills. The monitor must have a broader pre-calibrated spectrum and equip with the latest panel technology.

BenQ SW 321C Monitor

The excellent quality of the BenQ SW 321C monitor makes it a top choice for photo editors. The quality justifies the high price of the photo editing monitor as it assures complete user satisfaction. The color spectrum consisting of 100% sRGB, 99% RGB, and 95% P3 ensures the best coverage for a fantastic performance. The control unit adds convenience by allowing smooth switching between color spaces. The color uniformity and precision are almost flawless, and the 4K display ensures that professionals can get the most from the fantastic monitor.

The monitor has a 32-inch screen of 3840x 2160 resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. It uses IPS panel technology and has one USB 3.1 and another USB C port, with 2 HDMI ports and one input port.

LG 32UN 880 Ultrafine Ergo Monitor

The LG 32UN 880 Ultrafine Ergo Monitor has the same specifications as the BenQ SW 321C Monitor but falls slightly behind in the color range. It ranks among the top monitors for photo editing because of the fantastic 4K display on a 32-inch screen with considerable color accuracy. It supports a 95% P3 color gamut and produces accurate colors that add authenticity to the images. The connectivity is great, and the excellent versatility allows placement of the monitor by adjusting the height, angle, and distance from the screen at any desired position.

The unbeatable ergonomics and excellent picture quality ensure a delightful experience to work with the best monitor for photo editing.

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