5 Kitchen Trends You Should Toss in the Bin

Since kitchens are the core of your home, you need a unique and bespoke kitchen. We have been following some kitchen trends for a long time and need a good revision.

For example, installing tiles in your kitchen is no longer trending as it gets difficult to clean and has you dealing with grout lines that reduce the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

A unique kitchen design offers you much more if you simply change a few key details and toss out the old trends in the bin.

Let us tell you how!

5 kitchen trends that don’t work anymore

1. All white kitchens

White kitchens are a classic, but it’s time to explore color again. A lot of kitchen designers now prefer darker colors. They have started leaning more towards black, navy, and midnight blues for cabinets, paint, hardware, etc.

It is safe to stick with white because it promises an effortlessly elegant look. However, darker tones can contribute to a timeless look. If you are unsure and feel like it will make your kitchen too dim, you can go for a white kitchen but balance it out with dark themes in the form of cabinets or appliances.

Light-colored interiors can be beneficial to ensure everything is clean, but dark cabinets can help hide clutter and messes. You could even opt for a combination of both to enhance your kitchen further.

2. Hard floors

Have you ever wondered why kitchens have hard flooring when the rest of your home has soft rugs and carpets for you to walk on? This is yet another trend that needs to go.

Kitchens need soft floors, too, as most kitchen work needs to be done standing. You could try using area rugs to give your feet the comfort they need and to introduce some warmth and color to your kitchens.

Area rugs and carpets can be a great way to hide any stains, especially if they carry a colorful, vibrant print. This can also help create a fun, colorful vibe in the kitchen, giving it a distinctive touch.

3. Open kitchens

The open kitchen trend has lived on for far too long. There was a time when everybody opted for an open kitchen plan and ended up with kitchens that looked the same. However, it is now time to bring back closed or semi-closed kitchens.

Many people are now choosing to separate their kitchens from other areas of their houses. Separating the kitchen can help you avoid spreading smells all over your house. It can also aid in hiding your messes and clutter from guests or people outside the kitchen.

If you want a semi-closed kitchen to get the best of both worlds, you can use a stylish separator or an opening that looks outside. Glass walls or a big glass door can also help with a semi-closed effect while making your kitchen appear bigger.

4. Overcrowding with appliances

While all the cool tech and fancy appliances seem fun, they can make your kitchen look cluttered. In the past, many kitchen designs promoted placing various appliances in your kitchens and on the countertops. However, it is time to bring back the clean, clutter-free look.

Your microwave or oven, for example, does not need to be displayed on your countertops and can be placed inside a drawer or space where you can hide it from view unless you need it. It’s all about using integrated appliances today!

You could consider making a list of appliances you require regular and only place two of them on your counters. The rest can go inside your cabinets or drawers. This can help you achieve a clean look and more cooking space.

5. Using space 

A common trend in kitchens is to use every bit of space available. However, a lot of people are now starting to discard this idea. Minimalist kitchen design is more popular as people now avoid overcrowding their kitchen with unnecessary things.

For example, you could simply leave your walls blank instead of installing upper cabinets. The upper cabinets are not required, and you can’t use them regularly. You could simply let your walls remain blank and automatically achieve a bigger, cleaner, and better-looking kitchen.

Another idea is to use materials like marble in the kitchen to achieve a stylish, clean, and minimalist look. Marble can make your kitchen look luxurious and immaculate automatically. You can quickly achieve a minimalistic look without adding too many features.

To sum up

While some kitchen trends we have been following have given us lovely kitchens, it is time to throw these ideas out and bring in new ones. Make your kitchen look even better with these new ideas and tips.

Experiment with minimalist designs, integrated kitchen appliances, and vibrant color schemes to make a statement with your kitchen design!

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