Exploring Riwbox CT-7 Wireless Cat Ear Headphones, Mindkoo MH6 Bluetooth Headphones, and Brookstone Headsets

The looks and style of the cat ear headphones rule supreme, and the performance is secondary. If you look upon headphones as fashion accessories, you must get the best cat ear headphones. The girlie headphones have been popular over the years among teenagers worldwide. They have their reasons for buying them. As performance takes a backseat when selecting the kitty headphones, it is not surprising that the big and famous audio brands like Bose and Sony are not surprising. Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser & Bower & Wilkins, stay away from making such devices. Razer and Brookstone are the only names worth mentioning that have shown interest in manufacturing and selling cat headphones.

Here are some cat ear headsets you can consider before selecting one for your near and dear ones. But remember that you can buy several headphones of different designs at a time because these are pretty cheap.

Riwbox CT-7 Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

The pink, green, and pink and white colors of the Riwbox CT-7 wireless kitty headphones have cat ears jutting from the headband. The toy-like design makes it obvious who could be fond of such headsets. The earcups have a thick, soft padding, and the LED lights within the cat ears keep flashing when you play music. The headphone size and design suit kids above 10 years who would love the wireless mode. The left cup houses all the control buttons and the auxiliary Micro USB ports. Besides the standard buttons for playing music, an additional M button is for controlling the LED lights. The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity has a range of only 50 feet without any obstacles, but the connection is stable. The rechargeable battery has 4-hour playtime with lights on and 50% volume. It’s a decent cat ear headset with a mic and good sound.

Mindkoo MH6 Bluetooth Headphones

The all-plastic Mindkoo MH6 Bluetooth cat ear headsets have 6 color options and attractive LED light in the cat ears that look highly attractive for kids around 10 years. It can be a good gift at $30 and easily wins the hearts of children who have a fascination for fancy headphones. A Micro USB charging port and the control buttons are on the right earcup. An Auxiliary port and the LED control buttons are on the left earcup, allowing 4 different light setting modes. These kitty headphones are slightly smaller to suit the age group of users who can play it for 5 hours on a single charge of the battery with the lights on. With lights off, the playtime increases to 8 hours. The average sound quality is fraught with distortions at higher volumes. You can use the headphone in wired as well as wireless modes.

Brookstone Headsets with Cat Ears

Brookstone is the first among cat ear headphones that helped popularize kitty headphones. The sound is acceptable but not flawless. The build quality is different from similar headsets due to thick plastic enhancing the device’s durability. Comfortable to wear, the headphone has simple controls.

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