Amazon Fire Vs. Kindle – The Device’s Purpose Determines Which One is Suitable for You

Tablets and e-readers serve different purposes. Except for belonging to the same category, the devices are pretty different from others. Confusion may arise when buying an Amazon tablet because the choice is between Amazon Fire and Amazon Kindle, both belonging to the tablets category. Knowing the differences should help in making a well-informed choice. Significantly, the debate around Amazon Fire vs. Kindle gathers momentum in the context of devices powered by cheap technology. Incidentally, both devices are popular among Amazon fans and those looking for an affordable e-reader. However, you must understand what you need because functionally, e-readers are entirely different from tablets.

Amazon Fire vs. Kindle – The Differences

Perhaps the name Amazon appearing in the two similar-looking devices is the primary cause of confusion. Buyers who do not have a proper understanding of the use of the devices are most confused because of the name. They feel that since both are tablets, these should be interchangeable.

Before pointing out the differences, an easier way to avoid confusion is to know the purpose for which you want to use the device. For example, if you want a pure e-reader, you must consider only Amazon Kindle. But, those looking for cheap android tablets or budget-friendly Android tablets that seamlessly integrate with the Amazon marketplaces and services should choose Amazon Fire only.

For Book Readers Only – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

As e-books are growing in popularity, the demand for e-readers is increasing too. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the basic but best overall e-reader in the series. The device with a matte black body and a large e-ink screen has a 6.8-inch panel. In addition to the 300 PPI super-sharp display, an array of LED backlights ensures incredibly soft and smooth lighting. You can confidently use the reader in light rain and moist environments because it has an IPX8 rating for water protection. During testing, the device remained unaffected by water exposure when sunk in a bath for 20 minutes. The device has USB-C charging, an improvement from the earlier version that had micro USB charging.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite measures 6.9×4.9×0.3 inches and weighs only 7.2 ounces. The e-reader with a 6.8-inch screen is available in two variants, 8GB and 32 GB storage. On a single charge, the battery should last for 10 hours.

Amazon Fire HD10

The Amazon Fire is an Android tablet, but it is never as comfortable reading books using e-readers. The largest and fastest tablet is the Amazon Fire HD10. The upgraded version of 2021 has 3GB RAM, a brighter screen, and a 1080p screen. However, the glass screens reflect external sources. You can choose between the 32 GB and 64 GB models for a better experience when watching videos on Amazon Prime. Shopping on the Amazon marketplace is convenient.

The above comparison should help to find the answer to the Amazon Fire vs. Kindle debate.

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