Gaming Mouse vs. Normal Mouse – Why It Is Not Possible to Replace One Type with Another

Like you would need the right tools to do a good job, you must choose the right type of mouse for carrying out various tasks efficiently on computers. For example, an ergonomically designed mouse can support long working hours without straining the hand and increases productivity. You might prefer a wireless mouse over a wired mouse for more convenience. There are many other features to consider for improving productivity by avoiding fatigue. But if you are using PCs for gaming, the choice of mouse depends on a proper understanding of gaming mouse vs. normal mouse. A gaming mouse is entirely different from a normal mouse because the former has an exclusive design and purpose to suit the needs of gamers.

Gaming Mouse vs. Normal Mouse

Let us try to understand the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. Barring some similarities in the looks, gaming mouse and normal mouse are as different as chalk and cheese. If you see a mouse with RGB lighting that looks like an attractive toy, it is undoubtedly a gaming mouse. But if a mouse has a no-frills design and minimalist looks, it is undoubtedly a regular mouse for computing tasks. Looking at the functional differences, it will become clear that you cannot use them interchangeably. Both have an exclusive purpose behind their creation that follows divergent paths.

Functional Differences

Gaming mouse is for gaming only and has plenty of features that enhance the gaming experience besides allowing players to perform better. Improving gameplay is the goal of any gaming mouse, and the design and features amply support the cause. In brief, this answers the question – what is gaming mouse?

Mouse sensitivity – Gaming mouse uses ultra-sensitive sensors specially created for gaming. DPI measures a mouse’s sensitivity, meaning a higher DPI translates into higher sensitivity. The DPI of a gaming mouse is higher than a standard mouse which ensures greater accuracy in controlling the gaming mouse pointer. It is essential for smooth navigation of a map or menu when playing some game. Players can adjust the mouse sensitivity, which is impossible for an ordinary mouse.

Mouse responsiveness – The average polling rate of mouse ranges between 50 and 1000 Hz, and it’s the system’s frequency of polling the mouse to see if it has any data. The polling rate denotes the rate of sharing the location by the mouse with the computer. Compared to the 125Hz polling rate of a regular mouse, the standard polling rate for any gaming mouse is 1000Hz. Gamers prefer a fast and highly responsive mouse to keep up with their speedy maneuvers when playing games.

Additional buttons – The extra buttons on the sides of a gaming mouse offer many advantages not available with computing mouse. Besides allowing customizations, the buttons facilitate macro configuration or create a shortcut key.

Besides offering more customization options to suit various needs of gamers, gaming mouse devices are much more durable and can withstand the strains of extensive use.

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