SanDisk and Kingston: Dependable Brands of USB Flash Drives That offer Affordable Storage Options

Call it memory sticks or USB flash drives, it’s the same portable storage device which is still popular. The advent of Cloud storage did diminish the demand for flash drives to some extent, but still, these are the best storage options for the average population. Even the best flash drive is quite affordable as the prices keep decreasing with time. Individuals can use flash drives to back up data conveniently. Moreover, downloading movies and storing them in a flash drive for viewing on big screens and using it for transferring data between smartphones and laptops is a standard norm. Over time, the tiny portable devices offer more storage at a lesser price, increasing their attraction. Even the cheapest USB flash drives can perform satisfactorily.

Generally, all-flash drives store different kinds of data, like text, audio and video. However, if you want to store encrypted data, you will need security USB flash drives. Consider the purpose and budget when choosing USB drives, and here are some options that can help you find the best flash drive.

SanDisk Extreme Pro (128 GB)

Sandisk USB flash drives top the list of popular flash drives and have maintained the position for many years. The USB of Scandisk’s success is the well-balanced combination of reliability, speed, and price. The Extreme Pro is an unbeatable flash drive made from aluminum with a small ring attached for tying it to a key ring. By adjusting a plastic slider, you can reveal or hide the USB –A plug using only one hand. The drive has a writing speed of 380 MB/ second and a read speed of 420 MB/ second. With such speeds, the device is most suitable for copying files regularly. Storage options up to 1TB are available, accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

Kingston Iron Key (256 GB)

The Kingston Iron Key flash drive belongs to the category of security USB flash drives. The tamper-proof construction of the hardened drives is compliant with FIPS 140-Level 3. The drives prevent copying files to another computer without breaking the code. The drive’s chip generates the security keys and performs encryption and decryption while maintaining the retry count. Entering the wrong password several times results in the self-destruction of the drive.

Kingston Data Traveler Max (1TB)

The Kingston Data Traveler Max is the best flash drive in terms of speed and storage size. The looks of the lightweight plastic drive might not reveal the immense capabilities of the device that can copy the complete Pixel phone data to a laptop. The ridge at the top of the drive facilitates easy sliding of the device in and out into a computer. The usual tiny loop at the top is for easy attachment to a key ring. The flash drive works well with devices that have USB-C ports. With a read speed of 1000 MB/second and a write speed of 900 MB/second, the Kingston Data Traveler Max is the speediest among the USB flash drives currently available. It’s excellent for transferring large files. Other storage options of 256GB and 512 GB are also available.

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