Know all about Eufy smart scale P1, Etekcity smart fitness scale, and Withings Body Plus.

Fitness enthusiasts rely on the best smart scale, much more than a weighing scale. A smart scale displays body weight and many other parameters related to body composition. Smart scales can monitor your body, fat percentage, bone mass and other metrics. A smart scale provides valuable insights into the overall body condition, which can help develop effective fitness programs. Smart scales can capture accurate data that display the correct picture about your body composition, which points to your overall health. Besides storing body-related data, smart scales can communicate with other smart devices like fitness trackers.

This article will find some smart scale reviews that should help pick the best smart scale 2022.

Eufy Smart Scale P1 – The Best Smart Scale

When you are looking for the best smart weighing scale, you will find the Eufy smart scale P1 to be the device of your choice. The design is simple but stylish, the setup is easy, and the app control is deft. Besides measuring body weight, the scale captures more than a dozen unique measurements of various metrics related to body composition. The scale captures data related to body fat mass, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), the figure of calories burnt during the day, and muscle mass. The scale accommodates 16 users against a single account and is ideal for family use. You can connect the scale to some of the best fitness trackers. The only disadvantage of the affordable scale is the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Withings Body Plus Smart Scale

The Withings Body Plus smart scale gathers much more information about the body than any other scale. Besides tracking several body metrics, including heart rate and BMI, the device tracks the weather too. The device has an attractive design with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for syncing with other fitness devices. You can easily connect it with other Android devices, whether a smartphone or some fitness tracker. The device uses 3 AAA batteries and can weigh up to 396 pounds. However, the small size of the display can be a disappointment for some users.

As the device stores your body data continuously, you can identify the parameters to improve by looking at the history. The scale’s pregnancy mode ensures safe use of the device during pregnancy.

 Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale

The smart scale measures 13 body metrics that reflect your body condition. Besides displaying and recording body weight, the scale provides information about your musculoskeletal system by measuring BMI (body mass index), skeletal muscle, metabolic age, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. The large LED screen facilitates better data visibility. The device can store data of multiple users and connect with other health and fitness devices with the help of Bluetooth. The price is affordable, but the device lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, creating hindrances for tech-savvy users. The wide and stable platform is reassuring to stand safely on the device.

Choose the best smart scale by considering the body metrics it can capture because users have different monitoring requirements.

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