PlayStation 5 Vs Digital Edition: Which Type of PS5 Is Right for You?

The latest home console from Sony comes in two models, the PS5, which has a disc drive and costs $499. The PS5 digital edition price is cheaper at $399 as it comes without the drive and is apt for those who do not mind downloading games.

PlayStation 5 vs. Digital Edition

The difference between the two ends with the drive and price, and everything else is pretty much the sum. Both models of the PS5 have identical hardware. They offer features such as an immersive visual in 4K, a smooth high frame rate for enhanced gameplay experience, ray tracing to provide realistic lighting, and the innovative dual Sense controller.

Buy a PS5 Disc Edition if you want 

  • Like physical media and wants to amass plenty of them. The PS5 is compatible with PS4 physical games and doubles for a 4K Blu-ray player. This version also allows you to play boxed PS5 games purchased in retail.
  • You want many options for buying games. The PS5 disc model is more expensive than the digital PS5 but cheaper in the long run. You can buy physical games from retailers where digital downloading from PlayStation stores is limited.
  • You want the PS5 to be available quickly. Though both models are elusive, the standard disc model is visible frequently and easier to buy.

Buy a PS5 Digital Edition.

  • Suppose you are looking for a cheaper PS5. Those who do not mind preceding physical games benefit; the digital version comes at $100 cheaper. The extra cash can help get some extra games, a Playstation Plus subscription, or a Dual Sense controller for multiplayer games.
  • You do not mind downloading games and streaming all movies; this will be ideal. If you have a PS4 back catalog, they can be redownloaded on PS5. For people who want less clutter and want to avoid storage space problems, the digital version is suitable for such people.
  • You are looking for a sleek PS5. The PS5 digital edition is sleeker than the disc drive and has a symmetrical design. It is half an inch thinner than the disc-based PS5 at 3.6 inches compared to 4.1 inches. This means you can cram the device into your entertainment center.


Considering the pros and cons in the PlayStation 5 vs. digital edition review, considering the scarcity of PlayStation 5 disc edition currently in the market, it is recommended that you snap up whatever model is available. But if you have a choice, then going for the $499 standard disc drive model will be better, for it provides many options in buying games. The system doubles up as a 4K Blue-ray player and offers more opportunities to get titles on sale. On the other hand, if you do not mind being tied to the PlayStation store and saving them, then go for the digital one.

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