Copland CSA 70 Review: All You Need to Know

Since Copland isn’t a particularly prolific producer, receiving a fresh offering from the Danish company is always pleasant. On its website, there are just five devices listed: four integrated amplifiers as well as a stand-alone DAC. The Copland CSA70 is the range’s current entry point and, in many respects, a great illustration of what the business does.


Copland‘s works have always been understatement admirers’ amplifiers. Nothing even vaguely gimmicky has ever crossed their paths, and the same is true here. There isn’t anything more user-friendly, simply two control dials. Even the included remote is unremarkable; it only has the settings for the CD player and amplifier, which seems pointless given that Copland no longer seems to manufacture disc spinners.

Even if the handset is little, using it is nonetheless generally enjoyable. When one sees the small supplementary rotary switch towards the left of a source selector, it becomes apparent that the Copland CSA70 isn’t nearly as minimal as it first appears.

The Copland CSA70 has a fairly long list of features despite its unassuming exterior. Users will also discover a movable magnet phono phase, three stereo RCA line-level inputs, and a 6.3mm headphone output next to the digital module. Aside from absolute file compatibility, this Copland amplifier is well-equipped and should be able to handle intricate stereo setups. The Copland CSA70 is a similar, albeit less expensive and powerful, alternative.

However, there are a few significant variations in addition to the output loss of 30 watts per channel. The Copland CSA70 is a high-performance Class A/B amplifier, unlike the more expensive version, which has a hybrid architecture with valves in the line stages. For those who don’t know the company, Copland does have a proven track record of delivering top-notch valve-based goods.


Even if the Copland CSA70 isn’t brand-new, it must operate for a few days before becoming stable. The opening sound impresses us with brightness and sharpness, but these qualities gradually diminish to tolerable levels. Using a Copland amplifier is great which sounds remarkably clear and accurate. One that barely deviates from neutral but never by an amount that causes problems. Like other Copland items, there are good detail levels and a distinct sense of a product that is a touch self-effacing. The Copland CSA70 likes to let another recording take hold instead of adding flavor on purpose to spice things up. It can give a gradually growing intensity and has an excellent feeling of scale.

The tale is always uplifting whether one uses Copland‘s phono stage and digital inputs. With the Vertere cartridge, the phono input is respectably quiet and therefore has no gain issues. The punch on offer and the depth of knowledge provided has delighted everyone.

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