Dyson Air Wrap – The Best at-Home Hair Styler worth Its Cost

In 2018, a new blow dryer emerged and defied traditional hairstyling. One always needed plenty of heat to dry and curl the hairs. But the new brand Dyson came with a technology that offered hair styling without excess heat for all hair types.

Irrespective of your hair type, Dyson air wrap spreads across the entire hair. If you have thick and curly hair, the air wrap with its brush attachment makes the air smooth with its firm and soft swipes. If the hair is fine, the dryer will ensure that your hair gets volume and body, and the drying time is reduced by half.

How to Use a Dyson Air Wrap?

To get the best results, you need to follow the instructions. The hair dryer device is not an intuitive tool, and like other irons and hair wands, its styling approach is the opposite.

The Dyson air wrap needs to be used on damp hair. A pre-styling attachment dries the hair from soaking wet condition to slightly damp. Once the drying part is over, a new attachment is used – a firm brush, soft, smooth brush, volumizing brush, or curling barrels.


The Dyson air wrap styler, when used correctly, gives the promise of a blowout at home with minimum heat. The hair feels healthier with more body and volume on its own.

The Airwrap is not faster than any other device but makes the hair look smarter. It makes the styling faster; you can just use one product and the cord instead of taking more attachments. The entire process, from wet to damp to rough drying, brushing, and curling, can take around 45 minutes.

Is the Dyson Air Wrap Worth it?

The Dyson air wrap price tag of $550 is steep and can cost more if you want barrels for long hair. This is a serious investment, and it is worth it only if you want to get that blowout looks by styling at home or if you have a fetish for owning a great beauty tool.


Among the best hair stylers, Airwarp is suitable for you if hair damage and style are a concern. If you have fine hair and keep looking around for salons that can give it a volume, then owning a Dyson air wrap is worth it. If you have curly hairs and want to straighten them with minimal heat, go for it.

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