The Best Linux Distros in 2022 for Beginners and Professional Users

Linux Distros are known to be available in all sizes and shapes. From the tiny ones over just 100MB that can be carried in USB disks to the large one sofa 4GB that runs best when installed on SSDs.

What’s Linux Distro? The Linux Distros is an open-source operating system. Here, organizations source and manage components, unlike the Mac OS and Windows. The Distros can be customized as per individual needs.

Here we feature some of the best Linux Distros available for different use cases based on the disk size, compatibility, and ease of use.

  • Nitrux – Ideal for Beginners

nitrux 1.2.3

If you are taking baby steps in Linux and need lightweight Linux Distros, Nitrux is the one to start with. It offers different desktop layouts and allows users to use available screen space best. The Nitrux has customized administration apps for desktop tasks like firewall and backups for inexperienced users.

It also supports the use of Applmages, which makes it easy to install additional apps. Nitrux plans to switch all its graphical apps to Applmages as it is more secure. The Nitrux is for 64-bit computers; the only drawback is a lack of a dedicated documentation section.

  • Kodachi – Best for Security and Privacy

Kodachi - best for security and privacy

The Kodachi is among the top Linux Distros designed for secure anti-forensic and privacy. This latest distro edition is based on Ubuntu and has a custom Face desktop. Apart from privacy and security, the Kodachi equips with many regular apps that enable the first-timer to use Distros.

The Distro routes all internet connections through a VPN for privacy. It uses AppArmor to isolate apps and MAT or Metadata Anonymization Toolkit to remove metadata from files and enhance security.

  • Ubuntu Server – The Best Among Arch Linux Distros


The Ubuntu Server is a popular desktop version that runs efficiently on major architectures, including IBM s390x, POWER9, ARM64, and many more. It is popularly used for building cloud computing platforms and offers cloud images for Azure and AWS.

  • Zorin OS – Best for Window Users

zorin os

This Distro is meant for first-time Linus users who have been used to Windows and Mac OS. The Zorin is available in multiple versions, such as Core, Education, and Lite, and offered as free downloads. It is based on Ubuntu, and the core version is standard that includes all apps one will need on a desktop.

  • Parrot Security – Best for Forensic

Parrot Security is excellent for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing. It has an extensive tool selection option menu that is categorized according to their use, like password attacks, information gathering, Digital forensics, and many more.


How does one choose from the best Linux Distros if one migrates from Windows? An open-source community has all types of Distros available that cater to specific needs.

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