Here Is the Positive Vibration XL Review for You

The materials used to make Marley Positive Vibration XL Bluetooth headphones were primarily eco-friendly. These headphones aren’t for someone looking for an exact frequency response; as the name says, anticipate enormous bass depth. Nevertheless, the sculpted highs and the lows are well-matched. The Positive Vibration XL offers good audio for the price; when on controls & mic clarity might be clearer.


The Positive Vibration XL headphones have a circumaural (over-ear) design featuring faux-leather earpads and a cloth-covered headband. Long listening sessions are made pleasant by the memory foam padding on the earcups and the bottom of the headband. The House of Marley positive vibration XL emblem is embossed on FSC-certified wood used for the exterior panel, and 40mm drivers are housed inside the enclosures.

A clothbound charging cord and a clothbound audio wire with a one-button control are included with the Positive Vibration XL. Additionally, a canvas drawstring tote bag that fits within the positive vibration XL earcups is included with the headphones.

Sound and Comfort

Eco-friendliness is meaningless if a product is ineffective. The Positive Vibration XL headphones sound OK, if not fantastic. The listening pleasure of Positive Vibration XL was excellent at lower settings. Still, as turned the volume up, the mid-range got a little congested, making it a little bit more difficult to distinguish between instruments and giving certain tracks a subtle graininess.

The bass, mid-range, & treble frequencies of Positive Vibration XL are generally well-balanced. Unless, of course, users want the extra low-end bump that many listeners like. If the bass is one thing, the Positive Vibration XL is more faithful to the original mixes, although the bump is only present to a standard degree.


The right earpiece’s rear has a control panel, which is well-positioned for quick access. The two-volume buttons may also skip music when pressed while the central button controls play/pause and power on/off. Positive Vibration XL’s voice control is activated by touching the center button twice. The system is simple to remember and utilize.

Noise Isolation

Passive noise isolation is rather strong thanks to the closed-back design and snugly fitted earpads. It doesn’t fully eliminate ambient noise but removes a large portion of it. The majority of over-ear headphones reduce some ambient noise. Additionally, Positive Vibration XL performs a little bit better at it. The ears are well-sealed by the large earpads, which also muffle outside noise.

A more recent model was produced that has ANC, and the only difference is that they now include active noise-cancelling headphones. Except for the shining silver Marley logo, they are identical.

Colors and Price

The Positive Vibration XL is offered for $100 in three color combinations: all-black, blue & black, and copper and white. Black-on-black isn’t exactly a combination unless one considers the FSC-certified wood inserts inside the cups with House of Marley insignia.

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