The Stunning Overwatch 2 Beta Is Fun but Looks Like an Upgraded 1.5 Version.

The original Overwatch was released six years ago with bolt-from-the-blue unique characters. The sequel is out now. The Overwatch 2 Beta looks stunning and may disarm players. Besides the hero tweaks and upgraded visuals, the Overwatch 2 Beta looks more like an Overwatch 1.5 version of its original.

For fans of Overwatch, this update is enough. This game could be a disappointment for others looking for a revamped game with a redefined hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 Beta Release Date

The Overwatch 2 Beta on PC and console has been scheduled to be released on June 28 and run until July 18. This means that players have just about two weeks to Overwatch 2 Beta sign up and play, though Blizzard has announced they can extend it if needed.

The Pros and Cons of Overwatch 2 Beta

The hero rework and the graphics are the biggest standouts of Overwatch 2 Beta. Though the beta is available on PC alone, the game looks like it belongs to the current generation console. Makers Blizzard has promised that the Overwatch 2 Beta console option will be available in the future. The original maps are also present in the beta with lighting upgrades. The IIios and Eichenwalde are set in the sunset, while Oasis matches occur at midnight. The changing times and lighting is a pleasant surprise for the returning players. The new Push Game mode is a delight.

The two heroes have been significantly overhauled in Overwatch 2. Orisa, the slowest shield tank in the original, is now an absolute beast – a shield-less dive tank. It is armed with a javelin that deflects projectiles. Doomfist is no longer the actual Overwatch DPS; he is now a tank with more HP and can last more prolonged firefights.

The heroes have been facelifted in Overwatch 2 Beta. Bastion is faster and more mobile than fires massive artillery shells. Sombra can cause more damage and stalk enemies. Cassidy replaces his flashbang with a new grenade. Reinhard has two fire strikes, and the other heroes have holistic tweaks.

The loyal fans of Overwatch will feel delighted to hear from their hero’s new voice lines that include conversations before a match begins or during the fight. Every character has new voice lines that add more depth.

The drawbacks that one notices are that except for a couple of games, you play Overwatch 2 Beta on the same maps you have played before. It is also difficult to notice the latest 5v5 formations of the team initially, as you can be under the impression of facing an aggressive team of six.

UI rework is also redesigned to favor minimalism, which are hallmarks of other FPS titles and quite unlike the big, bold design of Overwatch 1.

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