HBO Max Price Is Not a Deterrent for Subscribers Who Can Access Whole HBO Entertainment Hubs

Variety is the spice of life, and it also applies to the streaming services that keep adding more variety to the packages to attract more viewers and provide them good value for money. It is evident in HBO presenting HBO Max. This subscription-based streaming service includes a huge catalog of TV shows and movies by WarnerMedia alongside several original series from the HBO library. Viewers can choose between ad-supported and ad-free streaming, for which the HBO max price is different – $15 and $10 per month. Those who already have access to HBO via cable need not pay anything extra for accessing HBO Max.

More On HBO Max Price

Since viewers would be interested to know the HBO max cost in detail, here are some inputs for them. HBO allows users considerable savings if they opt for an annual subscription instead of paying monthly. The one-time payment for 12 months translates into 16% savings for subscribers of both types- ad-supported and ad-free subscriptions. Therefore, the HBO max cost per month would depend on your payment mode. Committed HBO viewers would prefer the annual plan, and the offer is good enough to expand the HBO fan base. New subscribers who start on a monthly subscription would lose no time switching to the annual payment mode once they get a taste of the superb HBO streaming services.

Differences In the Plans

So, what’s the difference between ad-supported and ad-free plans? The cheaper plan is HD quality streaming, and viewers cannot enjoy 4k streaming, and subscribers cannot download content for offline viewing. The benefits of ads-free viewing pass on automatically to existing HBO subscribers at no extra cost.

Top-notch Content For All

HBO Max subscribers can access the massive HBO library regardless of the HBO max plans they choose. The library contains highly acclaimed content, such as the Succession. However, enjoying the shows will differ according to the plan choice. The choice of plan does not hinder access to the HBO library, and guaranteed entertainment for the entire 13,000 hours is HBO’s promise.

Full Access To All HBO Hubs

HBO treats its subscribers respectfully without any discrimination based on their chosen plan. After all, it’s a personal choice that HBO respects fully. Subscribers can access all 10 hubs of entertainment offered by HBO, namely HBP, Classics curated by TCM, DC, Cartoon Network Studio Ghibli, Crunchy Roll, Sesame Workshop, Looney Tunes, Cartoonito, and Adult Swim.

HBO’s approach of treating all subscribers equally is one of the high points of the HBO max price. Besides subscribing to HBO Max directly, an ad-supported HBO subscription is available for existing customers of Cricket Wireless who avail of the unlimited package.

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