How the Best Gaming Monitors of 2022 Can Elevate Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level?

With some of the best gaming monitors, you can take your gaming experience on the PC to the next level. The best Gaming monitors can provide crisp images, high resolutions, vibrant colors, and faster framerates- all combined with plenty of easy navigation menus to optimize your gaming experience.

Is 1080p Good for Gaming?

Though 1080p is not the best gaming option, it is no slouch, though gamers may prefer the 4K resolutions for better graphics.

In this pc gaming monitor review, we will look at some of the best-selling models on display for 2022. The criteria are for the 1080p, refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 144 Hz, and even higher.

  • Razer Raptor 27Razer Raptor 27

 The Razer Raptor 27 is one of the best gaming monitors in an overall sense currently. The 27-inch screen has excellent colors backed with stunning accuracy and crisp HD resolutions. You can play the game with frame rates more the 100 per second mainly because the Raptor offers a 144 Hz refresh rate. The resolution of 2560 x 1440 offers gorgeous images and ensures perfect performance.

  • Asus TUF Gaming VG289QAsus TUF gaming monitor

 You get value for money with the affordable 4K Asus TUF gaming monitor. The 28-inch Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q can pivot, swivel, and tilt whichever way you want.

 It has agile cable management, thin bezels, and some display settings that enhance the viewer experience. Its super-sharp images and rich color vibrancy increase the gaming experience for gamers and those users who access plenty of visual media.

The Asus brand has monitor line ups of ROGs (Republic of Gamers) and the TUF lineup that offers excellent gaming performance. The TUF models are cheaper and more impressive, and they offer the best 1080p IPS monitor as IPS panels are known to have wide viewing angles.

  • LG Ultra Gear 38GN950LG Ultra Gear 38GN950

If you are looking for a monitor that proves a 114 Hz refresh rate and makes your gaming experience the ultimate, this LG Ultra Gear 38GN950 is for you. With its excellent image quality and 1 ms response time, and many other features like Display HDR 600 and Ultra-wide aspect ratio, this is one of the best gaming monitors to buy.

  • Samsung Odyssey G7Samsung Odyssey G7

The Odyssey G7 is among the few that can provide the best of both worlds – high resolution and fast refresh rate. It packs a 240 Hz refresh rate with 1440-pixel resolution making it ideal for both Esports and immersive games lovers.

  • Dell S3220DGF Gaming MonitorDell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor

 This is an enormous 32-inch gaming monitor with curved model features, high color accords, and HDR support. The features are apt for adventure and action games with a more immersive feel.


With the current GPUs and games, the best gaming monitors with 1080p look fine with their ability to deliver the best balance between quality and performance.

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