All You Wanted to Know about UE Roll 2 Review

UE is a brand that often appears in up best Bluetooth speaker rankings. The UE Boom and the UE Roll 2 are two of their speakers that have gone to the top of many people’s buying lists. Both were updated after their first publication.

UE Roll 2 Colors

Looking at the new “Drippy” version by artist Jen Stark, this comes in various colors and styles.

UE Roll 2 Build & Design

Users did not go insane if users didn’t detect differences in design between this latest UE Roll 2 and the original one. On the surface, there isn’t much of a difference. UE Roll 2 front is covered in the same IPX7 waterproof fabric, while the back is still covered in the same plastic. The large plus and minus volume control symbols are still sewed onto the front, which isn’t much else. Users will be delighted to find that this is still the same with this updated version.

There are some additional notable features on the rear, but they blend in so perfectly with the speaker that users wouldn’t notice them at first glance. UE Roll 2 small power buttons and a smaller Bluetooth connecting button are located on the upper side of the rear. The UE Roll 2 little waterproof rubber flap on the bottom shows the micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices when pushed back.

UE Roll 2 Connection

This is when the UE Roll 2 and the original begin to diverge. When coupled with Bluetooth devices, UE says that this new model has a range of 100 feet. When it was tested outside, UE Roll 2 made about 70 feet till stuttering became an issue. Indoors, the range decreased significantly, although it was still enough for everyday usage. With three obstacles in the way, UE Roll 2 could only reach about 30 feet before the music stopped completely. The lack of playback controls is particularly frustrating since users can only adjust the level, and users are unable to pause or play music, much less skip songs.

UE Roll 2 Battery Life

UE promises a 9-hour battery life, but it wasn’t that lucky in tests. Researchers could get a decent 10 hours out of the UE Roll 2 by turning up the volume to roughly 60%. However, the UE Roll 2 died only after 3 hours of use when they maxed up the volume.

UE Roll 2 Price

The UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker is one of the finest on the market. Users receive a superb blend of mids and highs for Rs. 8,495. The UE Roll 2 costs Rs 4899 in India and is available from various outlets on Digit.

This device certainly comes with value for the money that you pay for it.

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