Whoop 4.0 – A Unique, Unassuming and Expensive Fitness Tracker with Tons of Features

Gadgets are good for their users. And the Whoop 4.0 falls in line perfectly because the hype around it does not seem justifiable for the average person who finds it hard to make sense of the features. It’s an expensive fitness tracker popular among the rich and famous, helping create a niche fan base. Considering that the company behind the Whoop bracelet enjoys the trust of celebrity investors like ace golfer Rory Mcllroy and the NBA star Kevin Durant it seems pretty normal that Michael Phelps and LeBron James were among the early users of the product.

How the Whoop 4.0 Work?

Unlike Fitbit and Apple Watch, the Whoop wearable does not motivate you to exercise. And instead, it assumes that you are already active and aims to optimize your workouts. An optimal strain score is the guiding light of the app that the device calculates by using exercise and sleep data of the previous day. The Whoop device gathers activity, heart, and sleep data over a week and then personalizes it according to the user’s body type and baseline data. The high capabilities of the Whoop app are evident from the processing power of massive data gathered from your body quite accurately to convey in clear language what your body needs.

The Daily Questionnaire – A Brilliant Feature

A brilliant feature of the Whoop bands is the daily questionnaire presented daily to users, asking them about things they did the previous day. The questions are not only user-specific but include many variables like consumption of caffeine, marijuana, sugar, or alcohol, along with numerous other variables. The feature assumes a lot of importance because after assimilating the data gathered from the questionnaire and your body, the tracker shows which variables impact your performance. Adjusting your lifestyle can identify the spoilers and take immediate corrective action.


Wearing the Whoop device is different from other fitness trackers as you must wear it higher on your wrist. The maker recommends carefully wearing it an inch above the wrist bone to facilitate tracking the heart rate. You can convert the device into a Whoop armband using an optional bicep trap, and the device can slide into Whoop’s custom clothing pocket. Whoop is miles ahead of its competitors as it uses a battery pack instead of the traditional way of charging the battery by plugging it into the wall.  Moreover, the battery uses a silicon abode to deliver 17% higher energy.

Activity Tracking

The Whoop app allows users to log the workout after the session or start a workout as a prelude to exercising. Whoop can auto-detect your activity to create a log for your workouts by using the data from previous workout data and heart rate spikes. It is especially effective when running.

The Whoop 4.0 automatically records your sleep and wake-up time and tracks your sleep cycles.

The fourth generation of the fitness tracker attracts celebrated sportsmen and athletes sponsoring the expensive device with excellent performance. But it might not help the average user.

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