A Review of 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones


  • Beautiful design
  • Unbeatable value


  • Rubber cable can tangle with itself

With so many phones omitting the headphone connector, a set of Bluetooth headphones is practically a requirement. We prefer a pair of wired in-ears for everyday use to anything wireless. We recently dug out the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear from the back of our closet. We can easily suggest this set of buds after two weeks of trial.

The 1More Triple Driver in-ears are well-built and stylish, with the above-average sound quality for critical listening. They’re comfortable and solid enough to exercise with, and they come with a robust case that makes them convenient to carry along. Unfortunately, they do not block much ambient noise, making them unsuitable for usage in noisy places or while commuting.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Packaging


The Triple Driver’s package is enormous. This box is luxurious because it is made of sturdy plastic. It drew a lot of attention when it arrived at the office. When the price of the headphones was revealed, many people were taken aback. That’s how excellent packaging looks.

We must open the box by flipping it open like a book. It felt like we were opening a present when we opened the box. The Triple Driver hangs enticingly in the front and centre, while the accessories are packed modularly in the back.

Comfort and Build

Comfort And Build

The weight of the Triple Driver is just right, and it exudes quality. An aluminum alloy body with a sandblasted surface is attractive to the eye, and the metal body is almost impervious to fingerprints, just as stated.

The Kevlar fiber cable feels sturdy and durable, while the outside is gentle to the touch. In addition, the amount of microphonics we receive from the cable is significantly reduced. The headphones’ slant angles make them easy to insert into my ear canals. Overall, the Triple Driver is comfy that we can wear for hours without experiencing any pain.

Noise Isolation and Sound Pollution

The Triple Driver provides adequate noise isolation. Most external noises are already blocked at around halfway to the maximum volume. With the selection of ear tips included, you may improve noise isolation.

This is an area where the Triple Driver failed to impress us. Sound leakages can still be detected despite changing the ear tip with a tighter fit. We simply turned up the volume to about halfway and were only listening to pop music. This disappoints us because we use this for both travel and work.

Noise Isolation And Sound Pollution

Sound Quality

It’s not the rose gold color or functional control module that makes this one of our best earbuds under $100 US; it’s the sound. It might be evident based on the name, but the 1MORE Triple Driver features three drivers in each earbud: two balanced armatures and one dynamic driver.

1MORE now has more control over how these handle different sounds within a particular frequency range. In contrast to having one driver for all situations, 1MORE fine-tunes every driver individually. In-ear headphones, 1MORE does the same thing, though it isn’t quite as effective as in headphones.


Overall, the sound characteristic of the Triple Driver is well-balanced. We enjoy how punchy the bass is and how detailed the mids and treble are. Perhaps it has something to do with the triple driver architecture, in which frequency responses are handled separately by three rather than by a single driver. Such sound quality is a matter of personal preference, and we enjoy it.

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