What to Watch on Amazon Prime – Movies, Series, and Originals

The popularity of Amazon Prime video is soaring because of the broadest appeal of the shows that has something for everyone. Often the problem of plenty might afflict viewers who might find it difficult what to watch on Amazon prime because several shows might be equally appealing to viewers. The shows cater to various audience tastes, and the streaming service has an incredible inventory of great shows that include a growing list of originals and a variety of network series, new and old.

Here are some of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

What to Watch on Amazons Prime Now

Plenty of good shows on Amazon prime ensure wholesome entertainment, and here are a few shows to enjoy this month.

Outer Range – Viewers who enjoy a nice blend of sci-fi blended into the Westerns would welcome Outer Ranger, starring Josh Brolin, Lilli Taylor, Tom Pelphrey, Tamara Podemski, Shaun Sipos, Noah Reid, and Lewis Pullman. The plot unfolds around the protagonist and the family patriarch, played by Josh Brolin, trying to keep the flock together in the aftermath of a major loss. The discovery of a mysterious hole that leads to an unending tunnel takes viewers to a different place in time into the world of Abbots who live in a universe of their own. The show is praiseworthy in seamlessly blending the strange elements of the cosmos with our everyday life.

Catch up with the Trend

A search for what’s trending on Amazon prime will surely land you up in Lizzo’s presentation – Lizzo’s Watch out for the Big Girls. A few notches above the average reality show marked as a competition series that can lay claim to the best Amazon Prime series during the month. The series does have dramatic elements, but the emphasis is on more positive things like confidence, self-love, and friendship. Lizzo’s powerful voice and serious moves contributed immensely to making her a household name. It is hilarious and entertaining to see her take a band of incredibly diverse dancers along with her on tour. The talent seems to overflow, and on hearing the ambitions and unique stories of the participants’ viewers find it impossible not to root for them.

What’s New on Amazon Prime?

My Fake Boyfriend, releasing on June 12, is one of the new shows on prime. It follows the trend of Amazon adding a list of new movies every month comprised of old classics, original programming, and theatrical titles.

My Fake Boyfriend is a romantic comedy in which a young man, Andrew, played by Kenyan Lonsdale, finds is in a tricky situation. He follows the advice of Jake, his unconventional best friend, and creates a fake boyfriend on social media to shield himself from his terrible and overwhelming ex for the rest of his life. But his plans are upset when he meets a guy who could be the true love of his life. He finds it extremely difficult to break up with his fake boyfriend.

Now you got the answer for what to watch on Amazon Prime. So don’t wait around and start watching your favorite show.

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