Look Not Beyond Sennheiser and Rode Brands of Shotgun Mics That Deliver a Lot

Shotgun microphones, better known as shotgun mics, are sound capturing devices used for film and television, voice-overs, vlogs, sporting and live events, and environmental recordings. The microphones have a unique pickup pattern that discards the surrounding noises from the sides and back while focusing on the subject.

Here are some shotgun microphones deemed the best shotgun mics.

The Best Among Shotgun Mics

The Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone has an exceptional quality of capturing natural sound, and its rugged build makes it a top choice for professionals looking for a dependable microphone. The professional-grade microphone has a frequency response of 40 to 20,000 Hz. The hyper-cardioid polar pattern in the low to mid-frequency range is highly effective in dispelling off-axis sounds while zeroing on the sounds from mid-frequency sources such as the dialogues. The shotgun performs excellently in various indoor and outdoor environments with the help of the moisture-resistant design of the RF condenser. The compact and light construction of MKH416 ensures stress-free maneuvering when mounted on a boom pole or camera.

 Rode NTG 3b

The Rode NTG 3b is a leader among compact shotgun microphones as it is equally high performing on any mounting, a boom pole, or a camera. The 10.4 inches long microphone has a wide frequency response range of 40Hz to 20 kHz, is moisture-resistant, and weighs 5.75 ounces. The microphone has an excellent build quality and is a favorite among podcasters, professional and semi-professional filmmakers, and in-house videography teams. It costs under $300 but slightly lacks in directional and sensitivity aspects and is a good choice for the not-so-demanding users.

Rode Videomic Pro+

The Rode Videomic Pro+ is the microphone of choice for those shooting with DSLR and mirrorless cameras because of the 3.5 mm TRS cable and built-in shock mount. The frequency response range of 20Hz – 20 KHz is higher than the other mics stated above, and the small compact device measures 6.69 inches while weighing only 4.3 ounces. The built-in shock mounting arrangement eliminates handling noises, but one must accept the absence of XLR connectivity despite the multiple power options. The tuning feature of the microphone enables easy adaptability to different recording environments, and the element of the adjustable gain can help to compensate for very soft or loud sounds. You can use AA batteries as the device does not allow the use of Phantom power.

Rode Videomic Pro

The Rode Videodisc Pro, a compact microphone for professionals, can sit perfectly on a DSLR camera while leaving minimal footprints. Although the average user might find it expensive, the microphone pays back more than you pay due to its superior quality. The device always demands decent sound quality for your recordings, and it ranks among the best shotgun mics. Two-hour battery charging lasts over 100 hours, and it’s a must-have for those with an ear for natural sounds.

These mics are small but durable enough to carry on a boom pole or mount on a camera throughout the day by withstanding the rough handling during location recording.

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