JBL Flip 6 – A Compact and Durable Waterproof Speaker aith Impressive Audio

If you are looking for a sturdy and portable waterproof speaker that delivers high-quality sound with extreme clarity, then the JBL flip 6 could fit the bill perfectly. One thing is for sure the performance of the speaker, which has a punchy bass considering the size, is better than its predecessor, the JBL5. Despite having similar looks to JBL5, the new speaker includes improvements and small tweaks that outscore the previous models. The most notable improvement is in the sound quality that results from the two-way driver combo of a woofer and tweeter and dual passive radiators at the flanks of the solid tube-like design. It means that the speaker can deliver much deeper bass than you expect. The neutral sound profile of the speaker allows listening to a wide variety of musical genres.

Upgrades were observed in JBL 6

The new speaker has an IP 67 rating which means you can safely submerge it in water up to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Moreover, the new rating indicates that the speaker is dustproof too. For example, the number 6 indicates its dust-resistant property, and 7 shows that the speaker is fully waterproof. Although you might not consider it an upgrade, it needs to be mentioned that the speaker weighing 550 grams is slightly heavier by 10 grams than its predecessor. Due to the similarity in the design with the earlier JBL waterproof speakers, you can place the speaker horizontally to make it stand upright, as needed.

However, there is no change in the battery that lasts for 12 hours on a single charge. The highly portable waterproof speakers come with graphic equalizers that allow fine-tuning of the sound.


The new speaker has a signature sound created by a specific frequency response, creating a unique identity for the device. Despite enough sound clarity achieved with the help of the graphic equalizer, the speaker does not refine the very distinctive nuance of music but does not impede the listening experience of the average music lover. The speaker is ideal for producing loud party music as it can capture the booming low notes while keeping the vocals clear. You will enjoy the thumping dance beats of drum-heavy bhangra songs while the vocals remain audible. You can gather more information about the features and performance from this JBL flip 6 review.


The JBL Flip 6 uses Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity but supports only the SBC Bluetooth Codec. The speaker has a range of 40 meters in indoor and ideal conditions, and it means you must be ready to accept a shorter range depending on the environment. Moreover, you have to take the shortcomings of the Bluetooth codecs in your stride, as it does not have an auxiliary port that can help overcome the problem. However, the speaker will make you forget the shortcomings when used outdoors, especially for parties and gatherings, as you can enjoy it.

Using the JBL Portable app makes it possible to link two JBL6 speakers wirelessly to create stereo sound. The app also helps to update the speaker’s firmware.

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