JBL, Sonos, and UE Are the Leaders in Waterproof Speakers

Music aficionados who spend a lot of time listening to music prefer to carry their music along with them to enjoy it even in an outdoor setting. What can be more enjoyable than sitting beside the poolside or beach while enjoying the solitude by listening to music delivered from some waterproof speakers. However, you must not confuse the term waterproof with water-resistant speakers because although the two terms appear pretty similar, the consequences are quite different. Water-resistant speakers offer a much lower level of protection against water exposure to the speakers and cannot withstand water splashing on the speakers.

Choose only the best waterproof speaker to ensure its complete protection if the speaker falls into the water so that you can continue to listen to music once you lift the speaker/s from the water.

Here are some speakers that can very well meet your expectations of water protection.

JBL Flip 6 Leads the Pack of Waterproof Speakers

The JBL Flip 6 is perfect for a reliable adventure or party speaker where wild celebrations might cause water exposure. The cylindrical speaker has passive bass radiators on each end of the flanks, and the solid tubular speaker has a tweeter at the center. The speaker has an IP67 rating which indicates a higher level of water protection. Besides the power buttons and backlit Bluetooth, you will find the carrying loop and the USB-C charging port near it.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.1 and supports only the SBC Bluetooth codec. The speaker has an indoor range of 40 meters under ideal conditions. A single battery charge can last for 12 hours, and the sound quality suits those who do not want to strain their ears to hear every nuance of music.

Sonos Move: The Smart Speaker

The Sonos Move is an audio beast that never ceases to thrill music lovers who love the high quality sound with outstanding clarity and precision. The waterproof speaker is a bundle of joy as you can carry it to enjoy music wherever you go, including on waterfronts. You can place the speaker on the poolside while taking a dip in the cool blue water without worrying about water splashing on the speaker as it remains unaffected. The stylish speaker suits well within the modern interiors, too, and the broad, tall, and oval-shaped speaker can very well sit on your kitchen island while withstanding water exposure from the sink. The speaker with an IP56 rating is an all-around outdoor speaker as you need not worry about it getting wet or dirty due to its water and dust-resistant properties.

UE Wonderboom 2

The UE Wonderboom 2 easily qualifies as one of the best waterproof speakers with an all-weather and go anywhere enclosure that makes it your perfect companion. The cute speaker with an IP67 rating is a powerhouse of rich bass sound and provides 360 degrees audio.

The speaker remains intact and performs effectively even if found floating on water. Its safety remains intact in mud and dust too.

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